Loving Your Home is a Great Gift

Valentine’s Day and any other holiday isn’t just for cards, candy and flowers for your loved ones. You can also give a gift to your heating and cooling system to boost its performance efficiency and extend its lifespan. Purchase an … Continued

Prepping Your Home for a Party

With many event dates just around the corner, you might be making big plans in preparation for a party. Besides inviting guests, cleaning your home and deciding on a menu for a big game day, you should also consider how … Continued

Heating a Drafty Home Hurts Your HVAC System

Most people notice they have a drafty home during the winter when the temperatures drop extremely low. Cold spots are felt throughout the home and your heating system works harder to keep a consistent temperature. Now is the time to … Continued

Top 3 Must Know Topics About Furnace Filters

HVAC furnace filters are essential to the performance of your furnace, air conditioner, or other HVAC system. The filter helps your HVAC system achieve efficient heating and cooling while controlling contaminant levels to improve indoor air quality. Here are three … Continued

Use Guests to Keep Your Home Warm

Holiday parties and a houseful of guests present unique home comfort challenges, especially temperature-wise. If you’re thinking, “Cooling my home and heating my home when guests are present is a challenge!” Gainesville Mechanical is here to help you out with … Continued