3 Myths about HVAC Services

HVAC Tech Checking HVAC System in Gainesville

We take for granted that on a cold winter night, we can come home to a warm cozy house. Or in the summertime, we can escape the sweltering heat and step inside our nicely air-conditioned house. But when there’s a problem with our heating pump or air conditioning, we are lost on how to fix the HVAC equipment ourselves. When you open the panel and look inside at the equipment, you see lots of wires, sensors, and motors. But understanding the basics of how the heating and cooling systems works in your home can be a benefit to you when the time comes to upgrade or replace your equipment. Here are three myths about HVAC services.

Myth #1: HVAC systems Are Self-Maintaining

Truth: These systems run almost 24/7 all year long. Today’s new HVAC equipment is exceptionally energy efficient and durable. The new HVAC equipment being installed in homes today require little maintenance if you change your filter regularly and have a basic service call twice a year. A quick heat pump checkup in late fall will ensure the heat pump is working at peak performance during the winter. A quick air conditioning checkup in late spring will ensure the air conditioning is working at peak performance during the summer. The technician will run diagnostics on the system at each visit and fine-tune things. Changing the filter and these routine checkups can prolong the life of an HVAC system by several years.


Myth #2: You Only Need to Change Your Air Filter Once or Twice a Year

Truth: You should change your filter every month if you live in a dry, dusty climate. For HVAC in Gainesville, GA,with the humid climate, you can get away with changing your filter every three months. Quality air filters are pleated and designed to capture not just dirt and dust but even mold, allergens, and contaminants. If you have pet dander and fur in the air, you’ll want to change the filter every month. If you have someone living in the home with allergies, you also want to change the filter every month. A clogged filter will lead to airflow issues. This means your HVAC system needs to work harder than it is designed, which wears out motors and electronic components. The first thing a technician will do is check the air filter.

Changing HVAC Filter in Gainesville

Myth #3: The Bigger the HVAC System the Better

Truth: Bigger is not always better when it comes to an HVAC system for your home. In fact, if an HVAC system has too much capacity for the size of the house you live in, you are spending too much money on your power bill and having a greater impact on the environment. For example, if your HVAC equipment was designed for a three-story house, and you live in a three-bedroom single-story house, your HVAC equipment is using the energy it needs to reach full capacity to heat a three-story house. That’s a lot of wasted energy you are paying for every month. Over the course of a year, you’re spending money generating hot and cold air you don’t need and will never use.


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