4 Fantastic Benefits of Duct Sealing in Georgia

air ducts in a ceiling

What do ducts and seals have in common? Yes, phonetically they both can be found in zoos. What else?

Give up? They’re both instrumental to having a properly functioning HVAC system. In fact, duct sealing is one of the simplest ways to make your home safer, more energy-efficient, and more comfortable.

Many people who don’t seal their homes’ air ducts have put it off because they worry about duct sealing cost. That’s understandable to a point, as the initial investment can cost upwards of $2,500. The continual savings, however, far outweigh that upfront expense. Properly sealed ductwork can shave 20% or more off your monthly energy bills, not to mention eliminate the need for future costly repairs.

Others who haven’t dealt with their duct sealing needs might have other questions to address first: What duct sealing methods are best? Can I find qualified professionals to handle duct sealing near me?

Is duct sealing worth it in terms of cost?

Read on for the answers to your questions and the top benefits of having your air ducts sealed by a professional service provider.

Is Duct Sealing Worth It?

If you experience drafty rooms in the winter, hot spots in the summertime, or both of these issues, that’s a telltale sign of a leaking duct. Fact is, metal-on-metal ductwork will never flush perfectly; there will be gaps, partial disconnections, and creases where ventilation escapes, no matter how tightly pieced together they appear. That’s why sealing air ducts is such a smart decision — the sooner, the better.

Here are the top four reasons to contact a professional service provider who knows how to seal air duct and save you headaches down the line.

  1. When it works well, ductwork is one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind elements of a home that rarely gets the credit it deserves. Think about all the particles, allergens, chemicals, and dangerous gases like carbon monoxide that gets ushered out of your home via the ducts inside your walls. Dryers, furnaces, and water heaters release harmful combustion that gets safely removed by ducts, but clogged or leaky pipes can cause what’s known as “backdrafting,” which is when those risky fumes get sucked back into the living space. Duct sealing prevents those vulnerabilities.
  2. You set the thermostat to 68 degrees, so why are certain rooms hotter or colder than others? Well, the cracks and crevices that appear in worn ductwork causes your heat and AC unit to pump leaked air into your walls and mess with the temperature. Worse, those broken or weakened connections could mean air is being pulled from your attic or crawl space into air duct returns, which means unhealthy breathing air is unknowingly being spread throughout your home. Duct sealing eliminates those inconsistencies.
  3. As mentioned above, harmful chemicals and toxins in the form of insecticides, pesticides, molds, and bacteria can be distributed throughout your home via the holes and leaks within your air duct system. These irritants can lead to poor air quality, exacerbate allergies and lead to respiratory illnesses if not properly addressed. You want the cleanest water possible running through your pipes, right? The same should go for the air you breathe. Replacing filters and keeping a spotless home isn’t enough. Duct sealing instantly improves air quality and keeps your family healthy.
  4. Beyond the walls of your home, we all have a responsibility to be as efficient as possible when it comes to energy usage. Leaky ducts waste heat and air conditioning, which puts undue pressure on HVAC systems to overperform, which means unnecessary energy is spent in the form of fossil fuels being burned. Your house is just one tiny piece of a hugely complicated puzzle, but what you do matters. Set an example while simultaneously saving money and making your living quarters more comfortable by sealing your ducts. It’s the proverbial win-win-win.

The Best Duct Sealing Methods

When you contact a professional to address your ductwork concerns, a service provider will come out and apply mastic — an adhesive that resembles chalk — and superior-grade foil tape on all visible connections and intersections. (Surprise: Duct tape should not be used to seal leaky ducts.) Loose and unattached connections will be tightened and refitted.

For the rest of the ductwork that resides under the floors, above the ceilings and inside the walls, an aerosol spray is pumped through the ducts to seal those pipes from the inside out. This sealant does not coat the entire interior of the air duct system but rather attaches only to dents, holes, and cracks where leaks exist. It’s safe, certified nontoxic by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and UL-approved.

Once the process is through, you can rest easy for quite a while. In fact, a professionally performed duct sealing job can extend the life of your duct system and last for decades — often at least 20 years before the ducts need to be sealed again.

What are you waiting for? Call Gainesville Mechanical today to learn how affordable and easy duct sealing can be. Plug those leaks and start saving money today!

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