5 Reasons You Need a Fall HVAC Tune-Up

The sweltering sizzle of another Georgia summer will soon abate and the majesty of autumn will take its place, causing homeowners to rely less on overworked air-conditioning units and open their windows for a cool, comforting breeze. HVAC units in Southern states are sort of like seasonal employees in that way — nonstop, grueling activity during the summer rush before a long, well-deserved respite. You need a fall HVAC tune-up

Which begs the question: When was the last time you had air conditioner maintenance service? Do you have an HVAC maintenance plan? Much like winterizing your vehicles before winter actually arrives, it’s very smart to schedule an AC tune-up now, during the months when your central air service isn’t cranking at all hours of the day.

It’s the perfect time to check under the hood and address any wear and tear that might have occurred over the past however-many months (or, let’s face it, years).

What Is an AC Tune-Up?

You might be wondering what occurs during a seasonal HVAC inspection. It’s a lot like an annual physical or checkup we have with our doctors, where standard measurements are taken and parts are examined to get a picture of health. And just like the human body, an HVAC system that is performing perfectly is one that runs smoothly and efficiently.

One of Gainesville Mechanical’s experienced service technicians will arrive for the appointment and perform a complete visual inspection, taking note of any potential issues that could spell trouble later on. We’ll replace the filter and remove all dirt and sediment build-up with a thorough cleaning, and we’ll verify that the thermostat is producing accurate readings by calibrating the controls. Loose connections are tightened, dry moving parts are lubricated, refrigerant is replenished, and any safety hazards are eliminated.

The professionals at Gainesville Mechanical are well-versed in HVAC maintenance and take pride in making sure your AC unit is performing at optimal levels to save you money and make your home as comfortable as possible when you need a fall HVAC tune-up

More Support for Regular HVAC Maintenance

Preventing problems and keeping your HVAC system humming along smoothly aren’t the only reasons to schedule air conditioner maintenance service as autumn approaches. Here are five more benefits of a seasonal AC tune-up:

1. Longer System Life. To be sure, HVAC units are one of the hardest-working pieces of machinery in the home. As such, you should take every measure to make sure it’s as healthy and efficient as possible. A sluggish, ill-performing HVAC system is a constant threat to break down, which would render your home uncomfortable and negatively affect your energy bills. Replacing a busted AC unit is quite an expense, so routine HVAC maintenance can prolong its life and save you big bucks over many years.

2. Preventing Unforeseen Breakdowns. It’s easy to ignore routine maintenance in pursuit of small, short-term financial savings, but that ignorance is bliss only until your HVAC unit breaks down. When you schedule a Gainesville Mechanical expert to check on your system regularly, you get ahead of problems before they can escalate into catastrophes. We’ve seen too many avoidable system failures to count, most of which could have been prevented with simple updates and upkeep.

3. Improved Energy Efficiency. Dust, grime, and other common household particles conspire to clog your air filter and HVAC system, which saps its ability to work efficiently. Not only does the unit suffer, but your energy bills go up as a result. Regular HVAC maintenance eliminates that. We’ll make sure the system is clean and operating in peak condition.

4. Lower Energy Bills. As previously mentioned, an efficient HVAC system is also an affordable one. Did you know that heating your home accounts for nearly 30% of your utility bill (cooling it makes up another 13%)? A seasonal AC unit tune-up this fall will guarantee your system is raring to go as the colder months approach and will ensure that your energy costs remain as low as possible.

5. Healthy Interior Air. Dust and chemical build-up throughout your HVAC system could negatively affect the lives of your family members, as those particles are spread throughout the home via ductwork and forced air. Prevent your loved ones from breathing in dangerous airborne toxins like dander and mold by scheduling a seasonal checkup. Left untreated, these contaminants can lead to allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. A clean, well-running HVAC unit is instrumental to the comfort, health, and safety of your family. Is there a better reason than that?

Get Ahead of the Surge

Now is the best time to schedule a seasonal AC tune-up. You don’t want to wait until winter, which is peak time in the HVAC industry because too many customers avoid routine maintenance and wait until preventable problems turn into a crisis situation. Don’t gamble on the health of your AC unit — eliminate the guesswork and achieve peace of mind by contacting Gainesville Mechanical to come out this fall for a quick, painless HVAC preventative maintenance visit. You need a fall HVAC tune-up call us today.

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