A Complete Guide on Commercial HVAC System Design

HVAC Gainesville, GA

Commercial office spaces are changing rapidly. Private offices surrounding an inner circle of cubicle farms are being exchanged for open floor plans that utilize natural light in more effective ways, cubicles have been replaced with pod-like workspaces where you can work in silence, and team lounges that promote optimum collaboration opportunities abound. These innovative workspaces are creating a new landscape for HVAC system design. Here are some tips on how to design an HVAC system that will provide a comfortable work environment for your employees year round.

Consider the Building

An important element to think about regarding HVAC in Gainesville, GA, is the architecture and layout of the building. These elements give you clues toward what type of HVAC system design will work best in each area of the structure. You also need to understand what type of ventilation the building already has, how much space there is for ductwork, what materials the building is made from, and where and how much natural light each space receives. Understanding how your company building was built will help you design a better HVAC system.

Choose a Size

When you calculate the loads of your system, make sure each design feature and the energy efficiency of the device is considered. You don’t want your HVAC system, or any of the accompanying equipment, to be too big for the loads you’ll be using. Having several smaller HVAC systems can create a more comfortable working environment throughout your company. Elements that need to be included in your load calculations are square footage, building materials used, daylight, lighting design, and space activity patterns. You’ll want to contact a trustworthy HVAC contractor early in the design process to help you figure out these calculations properly.

HVAC Gainesville, GA

Create Individual Zones

To provide maximum comfort and energy-efficiency, you should create multiple zones within a space that can be controlled independently. This way, you can meet the individual requirements of different areas and maintain consistent comfort throughout the workplace. For example, spaces around the perimeter are more impacted by the weather, computer rooms and spaces with sensitive equipment will need specialized temperature regulations, and conference rooms (and similar spaces) where large groups gather will need to stay cooler when in use and warmer when unoccupied. Reliable HVAC companies can help you plan these zones and install each system properly.

Reduce Energy Use

HVAC systems use up more energy than any other device in a commercial building. You should think about reducing the cooling and heating loads of your HVAC system. You can reduce cooling loads in warmer months by installing tinted glass windows and providing better insulation in the walls, floors, and windows of the building. Taking advantage of natural light will reduce heating loads in colder months. Reducing how much energy your HVAC system uses will significantly lower energy costs in the long run.

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