Change Your Air Conditioning When Your Routine Changes

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Gainesville Schools are Back in Session Today

It’s August and school is starting back up, which means your younger children or college kids are leaving home to pursue their academic potential. With fewer people in your house, your air conditioning unit doesn’t need to work as hard to keep your home cool during the day when no one is at home. Adjust your thermostat settings to give your cooling system a break when the children return to school.

Programmable thermostats are the best option for adjusting the temperature and creating a schedule for your air conditioning unit. If you are still using an older thermostat, which requires manual operation, it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. Gainesville Mechanical carries several Bryant thermostats, and our NATE-certified technicians will install a new programmable thermostat quickly. Programmable thermostats offer many benefits, which a dial-type thermostat can’t give you.

Make Smart Decisions for Air Conditioning With Your Thermostat Settings

Programmable thermostats are the perfect option for today’s crazy schedules, especially when the kids return to school. First, determine the temperature when everyone is home and when they are away.

During the summer, set your thermostat to a temperature to keep you cool and comfortable. The Department of Energy suggests setting your thermostat at 78°F when you are home. It also suggests increase the thermostat up three to five degrees for the eight hours your children aren’t home.

By controlling your thermostat when you are home and away, you will save between 10-15 percent on your energy bill. Preset temperatures allow you to adjust the thermostat even when you are asleep! Your air conditioning system will perform more efficiently and keep you comfortable at ideal temperatures when you utilize a programmable thermostat in your home.

Know the Benefits of Upgrading 

If your current thermostat isn’t up to the task of adjusting the temperature based on your schedule, check out the benefits of upgrading to a new programmable thermostat for your air conditioning system:

  • Even Temperatures: Programmable thermostats allow you to not only control the temperatures in your home, but also maintain them evenly in every room. You won’t need to constantly turn your air conditioning unit on or off to achieve ideal temperatures. A programmable thermostat automatically reads the climate in your home and tells your cooling system when to cycle on. By keeping even and consistent temperatures, your home will remain comfortable and avoid hot spots in rooms.
  • Increased Energy-Efficiency: As discussed above, your air conditioning and heating system perform more efficiently when a programmable thermostat works with it. A heating and air conditioning unit, which operates less often, experiences less wear and tear throughout the year. Less stress on the inner components lets your HVAC unit operate smoothly and reduces your energy bill when it’s not exerting as much energy to cool or heat your home.
  • Extra Time: A manual thermostat requires you to remember to adjust the temperature when you are home, away or asleep. A busy family life gets in the way of adjusting your thermostat every time. A programmable thermostat is perfect when the kids return to school. Once you customize the settings based on your schedule and ideal temperatures, the programmable thermostat goes to work. You don’t need to lift a finger. You save time by not messing with the thermostat on a daily basis. Just allow it to follow your instructions when the temperature needs to change.

Call Gainesville Mechanical for Air Conditioning Service, New Thermostats

Take advantage of customized settings for your air conditioning unit by installing a programmable thermostat in your home. Our NATE-certified technicians will assist you in finding the perfect thermostat for your current system, so you can enjoy even temperatures when the children are home and give your HVAC unit a break while they are at school. Contact Gainesville Mechanical for installation of a new programmable thermostat today!

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