Air Conditioning Comfort for Mother’s Day

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…Even If She Says “Do Not Get Me Anything”

This Mother’s Day, give an evergreen gift by scheduling a service appointment for your mother’s air conditioning system. Take your mother out to brunch, give her flowers, then surprise her with a preventative maintenance plan with Gainesville Mechanical. Service on an air conditioning system offers many benefits to keep your mother smiling year-round and make you the “favorite” of all her children!

Fewer Air Conditioning Repairs

Routine service on an air conditioning system keeps it healthy and catches problems early. Air conditioning units suffer from wear and tear over time, especially when they aren’t regularly cleaned and inspected.

Preventative maintenance ensures your equipment is cleaned properly and qualified HVAC technicians will notify you of potential problems they find. By catching issues early with an air conditioning system, the repair costs are kept low compared to neglected problems, which escalate into expensive repairs in the future.

Extends the Life of Her Air Conditioning Unit

By gifting her a preventive maintenance plan, she will receive peace of mind knowing her unit is properly cared for, which will prolong the air conditioner’s life expectancy. Regular maintenance reduces wear and tear, decreasing the amount of stress put on an HVAC unit’s components. A properly cared for air conditioning system will last longer than one without service twice a year.

Gainesville Mechanical employs only the best NATE-certified technicians to clean, inspect and maintain your mother’s HVAC system, ensuring your mother’s cooling equipment operates smoothly for years to come. The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 10 years at best without preventative maintenance – with maintenance, she’ll be more likely to gain additional years of service from her cooling system. Replacing the air conditioning unit before your mother is ready can be financially stressful, but our NATE-certified technicians will keep her unit functioning efficiently as many summer months as possible.

Increases Air Conditioning Cooling Efficiency

Reducing the number of HVAC repairs and prolonging the life of your mother’s cooling unit will keep indoor temperatures low even when the temperatures rise outside. Your mother’s air conditioning unit will be more efficient, resulting in energy savings. A unit thoroughly cleaned will perform without added stress to the components, reducing energy consumption.

Routine maintenance keeps the components, ducts and vents clean, which prevents obstructions from blocking the airflow throughout your home. Your mother will notice cool air evenly distributed to each room in her home. By boosting the efficiency of your mother’s air conditioning unit, she will continue to save money on her energy bills every month.

Circulates Cleaner Indoor Air  

Eliminating excess dust, dirt and debris in your mother’s HVAC equipment allows the air filter to operate without clogs. If not checked monthly or replaced, air filters can become dirty or clogged, forcing the air conditioning unit to circulate debris-filled air around a home. Dirty filters reduce the indoor air quality and cause major health risks if they aren’t regularly inspected and changed or cleaned. If she already copes with respiratory illnesses such as allergies, asthma or COPD, improving her air quality can make a big difference.

Your mother will notice fresh air moving throughout her home when she has her cooling system regularly serviced. Aside from improving the indoor air quality in her home, your mother will be healthier with fewer illnesses and germs circulating in her indoor air.

Give your mother bragging rights about having the best child around! Give her a gift to reduce stress in her life, save her money every month, and ensure she stays healthy throughout the year.

An air conditioning maintenance plan gives her all those and more! Call Gainesville Mechanical today and show your mother how much she means to you by purchasing a preventative maintenance plan for her HVAC system.

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