Bryant Air Conditioner

At Gainesville Mechanical Inc, we like nothing better than to protect your lasting comfort.  Over our many years of service, we’ve tailored our maintenance plans to answer the challenges of local weather.  We’ve designed a list of essential tasks to optimize equipment and defend against higher costs, malfunctions, and decreased performance.  We’ve made sure our services are quick, convenient, and affordable, so that homeowners in and around all of Northern Georgia can take advantage of the benefits without drawbacks. When you contact us at 770-532-9130, we can have a qualified technician at your door within 24 hours.  Even if your schedule doesn’t line up with our regular, 8 to 5 business hours, Monday through Friday, we are happy to provide extended hours, at regular service rates.  No matter the type or age of your HVAC system, there are never hidden costs to worry about.  We provide upfront pricing, keep you completely informed, and with a Professional HVAC Maintenance Plan, you can simply relax and enjoy the results.


Enjoy the benefits of regular A/C service!

Seasonal maintenance from Gainesville Mechanical Inc is always performed by an award-winning team of nationally certified technicians.  With ongoing training updates, strict service procedures, and genuine Factory Authorized parts, we take the best possible care of your valuable equipment.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we uphold exemplary standards of customer dedication, technical know-how, and business management, including all proper licenses and insurance.  We not only bring unequaled expertise to the job, every service is handled with the highest level of professionalism.  You’ll never deal with delays, damage, mess, or debris.  At Gainesville Mechanical Inc, your comfort is simple, affordable, and reliable.  Let us help you lower your utility bills, enhance your summer enjoyment, and avoid the risks of neglected equipment.

Benefits of a Professional HVAC Maintenance Plan from Gainesville Mechanical Inc include:

  • Priority service – With priority customer status, you take advantage of the fastest possible service.
  • No overtime charges – Contact us at 770-532-9130 for 24-hour Emergency Assistance, even on holidays, weekends, or during the middle of the night, and never pay overtime rates.
  • Discounts – Take advantage of a 15% discount on parts and labor for any emergency services you receive.
  • Peace of mind – When service is completed in the spring, there’s sufficient time for any necessary replacement parts to be ordered and installed, preparing your cooling system to handle the summer workload.
  • Energy Efficiency – Even minor amounts of dust and grime, along with faulty parts, forces components to work harder to achieve desired temperatures, leading to lengthened run times, excessive energy use, and elevated costs.
  • Lasting Performance – When the system as a whole is maintained in tip-top condition, service life is significantly extended, lowering cost of ownership.
  • Quiet Operation – Bent aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils obstruct essential airflow and impact sound levels.  Regular troubleshooting catches and corrects this problem, promoting quiet, more efficient, and superior cooling capacity.
  • Fewer Disruptions – Proactive service prevents the majority of repairs, saving you from discomfort and excessive costs.  The average repair is five times more costly than scheduled service.
  • Convenience – Instead of responding to a crisis, you choose an appointment time that suits your schedule.
  • Protection – Over time, drain channels may become clogged with algae, overflow, or leak, reducing dehumidification capacity and leading to property damage.  Without regular inspection, these issues may go unnoticed until damage is extensive.
  • Air Quality – Without regular cleaning, moisture-loving mold thrives in the inner workings and vents of your cooling system, perfectly positioned to release millions of airborne spores into your airstream.
  • Warranty Requirements – Gainesville Mechanical Inc ensures timely fulfillment of warranty requirements for continued coverage.

Call Gainesville Mechanical Inc today to get professional air conditioning service when you need it most!

Gainesville Mechanical Inc Comfort Assurance HVAC Maintenance Plans are available on all types of systems, regardless of size, model, or manufacturer.  We provide the upkeep and information you need to protect your investment, minimize costs, and maintain a comfortable home.  If the time comes when replacement is the best decision, we offer knowledgeable recommendations and installation of a modern, high-efficiency system at the best possible price.  With a Comfort Assurance HVAC Maintenance Agreement from Gainesville Mechanical Inc, your year round comfort is as simple as a phone call.

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