Are Annual Furnace Checkups Necessary?

With so many maintenance tasks to take care of around your home, you’ve probably wondered how many of these are really necessary. AC and furnace inspections and tune-ups are easily overlooked. You may think that, if you’ve forgotten to have a regular inspection by an HVAC company and haven’t had any major issues with your furnace, you’ve either gotten lucky or the inspections aren’t necessary in the first place. However, there are numerous reasons you should make sure to have your furnace inspected by a professional every year. Here’s what you need to know.

Warranty Considerations

 When deciding whether or not a furnace tune-up is necessary, you may want to first consider whether or not your furnace is currently under warranty. If so, it’s important to understand the language and stipulations of the warranty. Every furnace manufacturer will recommend a regular inspection. However, some may actually require an inspection by an HVAC contractor in Gainesville, GA, in order to keep the warranty valid. Damage that occurred due to improper maintenance may not be covered under the warranty, so, to keep the warranty in effect, make sure you know if a professional inspection is a yearly requirement.

Avoiding Problems

 Unfortunately, most problems with furnaces happen in the dead of winter because that’s when people are using the system so that’s when problems are going to occur. Sadly, the majority of problems that result in a nonfunctional furnace result from a lack of maintenance. A furnace that hasn’t been regularly serviced can eventually develop problems that result in an inability to produce heat, which requires immediate repair. Another problem to think about is exposure to deadly carbon monoxide. A minor leak can go undetected for a long time since the gas is colorless and odorless. In fact, sometimes home occupants can feel sick with headaches and nausea for a long period of time before learning that the cause is carbon monoxide. In a worst-case scenario, exposure to carbon monoxide results in death. A yearly inspection will check for leaks that could pose this danger to you and your family. One other possible complication of ignoring furnace inspections is the money you’ll spend not only on major repairs, but also on utility bills since the furnace will work less efficiently. An inspection helps fine-tune the mechanics of the furnace to increase energy efficiency.

Carbon monoxide sickness hvac contractor gainesville ga

Parts of the Inspection

Furnace inspections may vary from one company to the next, but as a general rule, you can expect the technicians to look at a few different things during the annual inspection. All the moving parts and belts as well as electrical connections will be inspected to ensure there’s no problems that would prevent the system from working efficiently. In addition, the blower and vents will be checked for leaks and the pilot light and burner will be checked as well. Damage to the wiring will be inspected and repaired and the hoses and drainage systems will be examined. Another important component of an inspection is checking for gas pressure and making sure there’s no corrosion on the heat exchanger. The technician will also check for carbon monoxide that may be leaking into the home.

Professional vs. DIY

The homeowner can do some home maintenance tasks; however, save yourself time and frustration by contacting the professionals in North Georgia at Gainesville Mechanical 770-532-9130 today to schedule your next furnace inspection or other HVAC maintenance.

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