Benefits of Duct Sealing in a Commercial Building

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On average, the requirements for a working HVAC system are far more stressful in commercial buildings than in residential. With so much more area to cover and more people to keep comfortable, you can’t afford to have your commercial HVAC operating at anything less than 100% efficiency. This puts particular importance on your building’s ductwork. If your ducts start to fail at any point, then the whole system can be compromised. The best way to prevent this eventuality is by duct sealing. Here are a few reasons to hire an air duct sealing company.

What Is Duct Sealing?

Your building’s HVAC system needs to constantly move air from the building, through its system, then back out into the building again. Without that constant flow of air, the air can’t be treated, and your building can’t be heated or cooled. Any spot where there’s a breakdown in the system can severely limit your HVAC’s efficiency. To effectively move the air throughout the building, the HVAC unit uses a series of large pipes known as the ductwork. These pipes connect at several spots as they direct air from the heat pump, AC unit, furnace, or boiler to the inside of your building. Any broken seals, detached pipes, or missing or damaged points in the system can wreak havoc on your HVAC system.

Ductwork Problems

You might notice signs that your ductwork has already been compromised. Your employees might start complaining that they’re too hot or too cold. There may be spots where the heating and cooling appears to be inconsistent as well, indicating that there may be duct leaks. Also, sometimes the air quality will be noticeably poor. Some of your workers might be experiencing trouble with their allergies, or the air could seem unusually humid. Even if you don’t feel any physical discomfort, you might notice a sudden spike in your heating or cooling bill, a telltale sign that your HVAC unit is working harder than it should. These are all indications that something may be wrong with your ductwork.


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The Duct Sealing Solution

Experts in duct sealing in Gainesville, GA, such as those at Gainesville Mechanical, serving Northern Gerogia, will perform a comprehensive inspection of all the ductwork in your buildings. They can spot the sections where connections are poor or where pipes are frayed or missing. They can repair and replace these sections and reset places where the ducts appear to be loose. Finally, all the connections will be properly sealed with a rubbery compound designed specifically for ducts. In some instances, metal tape may be used, or the connections can be mechanically fastened with metal screws.

The end result is a building that’s more comfortable, and an HVAC system that’s running at peak efficiency. To get the most out of your commercial HVAC unit, call Gainesville Mechanical at (770) 532-9130 today!

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