Best Time to Service Your Heating System

Broken Heating System

Heating systems are essential to get you through the winter. Tough, icy temperatures can endanger your health and make your family ill. It’s hard to believe that a single appliance—your heater—is responsible for getting you through the tough colder months.

Knowing this, you would think homeowners would rely on a heating system service more often, but this isn’t the case. You actually shouldn’t wait until a total breakdown or signs of malfunction—like clanging noises or sulfurous odor—to hire an emergency heating system repair. Once problems arise, you can be left out in the cold.

Rather, you should have a regular tune-up service or inspection to ensure your heater can continue to get you through the winter chill and out the other side.

But, when should you service your heating system? Here is some helpful advice for keeping your heater in top shape.

Why Maintenance Matters

Maintenance and repairs are different matters altogether. While repairs fix problems that interfere with performance, maintenance jobs help to ensure that a working heater doesn’t have hidden problems or issues that may soon interfere with performance. In short, maintenance helps guarantee that a working heater keeps working.

Heaters are complex systems, and the best way to ensure operation, as well as good operating efficiency, is to hire a 24-hour heating service in North Georgia for maintenance.

Repair Heating System

Maintenance is much lower in cost than repairs and can actually save you money in the long run. Catching a problem while it’s young—like the beginning of rust formation—can help prevent expensive problems, like having to replace the entire appliance because its interior is completed rusted over.

So, now that you know that your heater needs annual maintenance, you may wonder: when is the best time for heating maintenance?

Professional Recommendations

Ideally, you should have your heater inspected after a long resting period, and a good while before you’re about to use it. Mid-to-late fall is the best time to hire heating maintenance and heating installation services. This helps ensure that a new or existing heater is ready to endure several months of hard work and that its components are in good shape. If repairs need to be done to improve performance, a month is an appropriate amount of time to ensure repairs are completed and the heater is in good working order.

Depending on where you live, you may need to hire a heating maintenance company earlier. However, the middle of fall is well before you’ll start to use your heater.

Missed Services

So, what should you do if you missed your annual heating maintenance service in the middle of fall? Late services are better than none. Hire a heating service today to have your heater inspected. Schedule services for the middle of a sunny day when you can deal with your heater being turned off for several hours so a technician can inspect the interior of the unit.

Never wait more than a full year for another inspection. If defects are present and you don’t repair them immediately, you can be left with a nonfunctional heater. Call Gainesville Mechanical right away at 770-532-9130 for fast and effective heating service in Gainesville, GA.

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