Prevent March Madness When You Replace Your Thermostat

Before you start planning your March Madness party, consider upgrading your thermostat to ensure your guests are comfortable from tip-off to the final buzzer. If you have an older thermostat, there are several advantages to installing a new programmable thermostat … Continued

March Coming in Like a Lamb or a Lion? Be Prepared for Both

Warm temperatures, rainy weather and windy days all exemplify March. To keep a comfortable home, prepare for fluctuating spring temperatures.. Routine HVAC service has several advantages in yo-yo weather, especially when a smart thermostat controls your heating and cooling system. … Continued

Don’t Leave the Health of Your Heat Pump to Chance

Preventative maintenance on your heat pump is extremely important. Skipping out even once on your routine HVAC service can have expensive consequences. Unlike a furnace or air conditioner, your heat pump doesn’t get a break between seasons. It works year-round … Continued

Loving Your Home is a Great Gift

Valentine’s Day and any other holiday isn’t just for cards, candy and flowers for your loved ones. You can also give a gift to your heating and cooling system to boost its performance efficiency and extend its lifespan. Purchase an … Continued