Clean Ducts Make Healthy Homes

Indoor Air Quality is important for buildings and homes alike. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has performed countless studies highlighting how the quality of our air directly impacts our performance and health. As discussed in an earlier post, Indoor Air Quality Products are designed to alleviate the problems associated with poor air quality to improve the health of your home, your HVAC system, and your body.

If you’ve already invested in Indoor Air Filtration, you are to be commended for making a choice that will encourage good health within your home. While this protection limits the amount of debris reintroduced into your home, duct cleaning can help to aid the process. Most importantly, duct cleaning can help to remove anything that was in your system prior to installing advanced filtration systems.


How It Works

Gainesville Mechanical has recently partnered up with expert duct cleaning authorities, and we have found the formula for exemplary cleaning. The below procedure is what should be done by your trusted duct cleaning company, and is indeed a part of our procedure:

  • Camera inspection before and after
    • You shouldn’t just be taking the technicians word for it. You should be able to see the noticeable difference in your ducts
  • Whipline Negative Air Pressure System
    • If a company comes to your home with a rotor brush to clean your ducts, show them the way out. Rotor brushes tear flex duct, which is the typical duct used in residential homes.
    • A whipline with small rubber hoses is instead ran down each duct line, shaking debris loose. The debris is then pulled from your system using a negative air machine
  • Antimicrobial Spray
    • Think of this as a sanitizer for your ducts. It eliminates bacteria, germs and viruses
    • While it eliminates the bad, it leaves the good by producing zero toxins whatsoever. This same type of spray is used within hospitals and nursing centers, attesting to its resident friendly properties

What It Should Cost

If you’ve ever been price shopping for anything, you will find that there is always a low bidder who appears to be offering an unrealistically low price. Be cautious of that bidder in the Duct Cleaning business. Chances are they don’t use the correct equipment or spend enough time to do a thorough job.

A proper cleaning should cost around $400 per system. A simple search online can confirm that is indeed what a duct cleaning costs when it is done right.

Gainesville Mechanical takes your health seriously, and we want to provide strong incentives to our customers to perform such a refreshing service. Therefore at the time of this posting, Gainesville Mechanical offers duct cleaning that starts at $350.00 for one system! This number is significantly below the national average price of duct cleaning. We may not be able to carry this offer for an extended time, however.

We urge you to act quickly and improve the quality of your ducts. Call us today to find out more information and to schedule service at 770-532-9130

GMSI Service Tech

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