Common Problems with Your Commercial AC Unit

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The commercial HVAC system in your building is responsible for so much more than keeping your building’s temperature comfortable. It’s also responsible for regulating humidity levels and keeping your tenants, clients, and other guests happy. When your HVAC system isn’t working well or needs constant AC repair services, it’s not doing your business any favors. Keep reading and learn more about common commercial AC problems. 

Clogged Filters

Just like with residential HVAC units, a clogged air filter is going to affect how well your system works. It’s also going to affect how hard it has to work to meet your cooling demands. Commercial systems need frequent monitoring to make sure optimal HVAC performance is being met. To achieve great performance and avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair services, it’s recommended that commercial properties replace air filters quarterly. Doing so not only improves performance, but it improves indoor air quality as well. 

Leaky Ductwork

Another issue that’s common in buildings is leaky ductwork. The ducts in your building are part of its HVAC system and should typically work without any problems. However, as buildings age, the ductwork may begin to deteriorate and develop leaks. When this happens, cool air escapes, and you’ll notice poor cooling performance from your system. Have your ducts checked regularly according to the recommendations of your local AC service shop to protect against these problems. 

Thermostat Issues

Most business owners assume that when their HVAC system isn’t working that the AC unit itself must be faulty. However, the culprit is sometimes something simpler and much less expensive to fix: the thermostat. This gadget that stares at you from its unassuming home on the wall regulates the timing of your AC system and how much hot or cold air is moving through your building. Before jumping to conclusions, have a technician check the thermostat to determine if this is what’s causing problems with your HVAC system. 


Dampers are part of the duct system. When dampers aren’t balanced correctly, you’ll have problems with some areas of your building heating up or cooling down faster than other areas. Call for air conditioning system repair to get this problem with reduced air flow fixed up fast.

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Schedule Regular Maintenance Services

No one wants HVAC problems to affect their building. While you can’t prevent every little snafu from happening, you can do your part to keep major problems at bay for as long as possible. Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential. Quarterly filter changes, regular ductwork inspections, and parts inspections conducted by quality commercial HVAC technicians will keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

If you need maintenance and AC system repair in Gainesville, GA, contact Gainesville Mechanical of North Georgia today! Your local pros are ready to help you out with your commercial HVAC questions and repairs anytime.

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