Can I Clean My Home’s Air Using My HVAC?

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Reduce Exposure to Respiratory-Triggering Allergens and Pollutants

Many people only think of their HVAC system as providing controlled temperatures throughout the year. However, your heating and cooling unit does more than deliver cool or warm air. Your HVAC system can improve your indoor air quality and create a healthy atmosphere for your loved ones. Unfortunately, if your unit isn’t properly maintained on a regular basis it can do more harm than good. This can result in poor performance issues, health problems and expensive HVAC repairs.

Gainesville Mechanical is the answer for residents in the Gainesville, Georgia, area. We offer preventative maintenance plans, seasonal tune-ups, efficient Bryant HVAC equipment and top-of-the-line indoor air quality products for your comfort. As the 2018 Bryant Dealer of the Year, our mission is to provide answers to promote healthy air and HVAC solutions.

Monthly HVAC Filter Checks for Healthy Air Indoors

The first step in reducing allergens and other harmful pollutants in your home is by checking your air filter on a monthly basis. The air filter is your first line of defense against dirt, dust and other debris. These accumulate inside your HVAC unit and ductwork. The filter traps and eliminates particulates before they interfere with your HVAC system’s performance and reduce your indoor air quality. Change or clean your air filter every few months, and you will notice fewer HVAC problems in the long run.

Regular HVAC Maintenance is Key to Preventing IAQ Problems

Step two in controlling your indoor air quality is by scheduling preventative maintenance on your HVAC system. During the year, your heating and cooling system works to provide you with even temperatures throughout your home, so you and your loved ones can be comfortable, regardless of the weather outside. Regular maintenance on your HVAC unit will reduce dirt, dust and other debris from accumulating on the inner components, which can result in particulates spreading throughout your ducts and into your home.

We at Gainesville Mechanical understand the importance of a healthy and clean HVAC system. We offer preventative maintenance, routine tune-ups and duct cleaning services to keep allergens and other pollutants at bay. Our NATE-certified technicians are highly trained and skilled to handle any task set before them, including boosting your indoor air quality!

Take Advantage of Indoor Air Quality Products

The final step in controlling your indoor air quality is by installing IAQ products to trap and eliminate pollutants before they compromise your home’s air. There are different options to choose from, and each comes with its own benefits for improving your indoor air:

  • Dehumidifiers. Controlling the humidity levels in your home prevents moisture from accumulating, which is the number one breeding grounds for mold, mildew and dust mites. Whole-home dehumidifiers work with your current HVAC system to remove excess moisture from the air before it circulates throughout your home. Another option we highly recommend is to install a Bryant Evolution System using variable speed technology. These control temperature and humidity in the home quite well. 
  • Humidifiers. A whole-home humidifier does the same, except it adds moisture to dry air caused by heating systems. Dry air causes airborne viruses and bacteria to spread in your home. This can lead to increased illness and respiratory infections. Our top pick is the Bryant steam humidifier.
  • Ventilation Systems. Fresh air and expelling stale air is essential to creating healthy indoor air. Opening the windows isn’t enough, especially when the weather is too hot or cold outside. A whole-home ventilation system helps keep the air in your home healthy and free of contaminants. Gainesville Mechanical will help you choose the best-balanced ventilation system for your current HVAC system, so you don’t worry about stale air compromising your indoor air quality.
  • Media Air Cleaner. Trapping and eliminating allergens before they circulate throughout your home and HVAC system is easy with the help of a media air cleaner. There are two types of installation for a media air cleaner, duct-based or filter-based. Both work with your current heating and cooling system to keep pollutants down and your indoor air clean and healthy.
  • Ultraviolet Lights. Excess moisture and condensation form inside your HVAC unit, causing mold and mildew to grow without your knowledge until it’s too late. Installing ultraviolet lights to work with your HVAC system will keep your air healthy and prevent moisture from forming in your unit. Contact Gainesville Mechanical to learn more about the benefits of ultraviolet lights for your HVAC unit.  

Combat indoor air quality issues by maintaining your HVAC system regularly, including cleaning or changing your air filter every few months. Keep your unit clean and pairing it with products to eliminate allergens, pollutants and moisture problems. Do so to experience healthier air and a more efficient heating and cooling system throughout the year. We strongly suggest calling us to schedule a visit or to request an estimate. We can help you determine the best equipment fit for you and your budget. Finally, Contact Gainesville Mechanical for maintenance or installation of indoor air quality products.

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