Different Types of Plumbing Tools and Their Uses

The first flushing toilet was designed in 1596. While revolutionary for it’s time, it’s safe to say that plumbing has come a long way during the past few centuries. Along with advancements in indoor plumbing, the tools used to create and repair these systems have also progressed. Here are a few of the most commonly used plumbing tools.

An auger is a plumber’s best friend. A large portion of clogged drains are caused by debris and hair. An auger can be used to clear these drains. These tools are very capable of removing debris, gunk, and even clumps of hair. They have the ability to shape to the pipes, making them extremely efficient for shower, tub, and sink drains.

Handheld snakes are considered the little brother of the auger. While similar in style and use, they’re often easier to use, though less powerful. Snakes are great for dislodging debris that’s clogging drains. However, they may not be long enough to reach some areas of the pipe.

During cold winter months, frozen pipes present a problem for homeowners and plumbers. In the past, frozen pipes required homeowners to dig through floors or break down walls. Now, plumbers simply use expert tools. A pipe thawer is used to thaw out frozen pipes before they burst, and it restores water flow quickly and easily.

Pipe inspection cameras are essential in the plumbing industry. It’s often difficult to determine what’s causing plumbing issues. With inspection cameras, there’s no need to guess. These cameras can be placed in drains and pipes to see exactly what’s causing blockage and where it’s located.

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