HVAC System: Repair or Replacement?

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Many people know to watch out for red flags that something is wrong with their home’s HVAC system, but it can be hard to determine when basic repairs are sufficient and when a replacement is required. Read on to learn more about HVAC replacements vs. repairs.

Replacement vs. Repairs

The thing about HVAC equipment, such as air conditioners, plumbing hardware, and heating components is that they can almost always be repaired by a skilled professional. The question, therefore, isn’t if you can repair it, it’s whether or not you should repair it. The answer to that question may come down to certain factors, so check on these things before you make that call.

Replace: Age

If your HVAC system is more than 15 years old, chances are good that you’d be better off replacing it when something goes wrong rather than trying to repair it. Air conditioners and furnaces get less efficient with age. This is both because older machines will have a harder time keeping up with the demands placed upon them and because newer machinery is so much more energy efficient than older models. The money you’ll save on energy bills alone will make the replacement worth it in a few years.

Replace: Rising Energy Bills

Speaking of energy bills, if you start noticing that yours are consistently higher than they used to be even though your use has stayed consistent, it might be time to look into replacing your unit. Have a professional evaluate your machine, of course, but decreased efficiency is a sign that it’s time for your equipment to retire.

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Repair: Normal Problems

For any normal problems, such as strange sounds, uneven heating or cooling, thermostat problems, or most things you’d run into, HVAC repair in Gainesville, GA, is the way to go. Having a professional assess the problem and perform basic repairs or maintenance is much more cost-efficient and simple than frequent replacements.

Replace: Normal Problems Happen Too Often

If those normal problems become a frequent occurrence, however, it might indicate that it’s no longer worth trying to salvage your unit. At some point, it’s wasteful to spend so much on frequent repairs that you could have simply replaced the problematic parts for less money. Your repair professional can also help you make that call for your specific situation, but if your HVAC system requires more than basic repairs and maintenance on a regular basis, your machinery is probably done for.

Replace: Repairs Are Too Expensive

If you have a slightly older unit that requires a very expensive repair, it might be wise to consider replacing it instead. Just like frequent breakdowns, particularly costly repairs may be a bad investment compared to just getting a new unit that will save you money on energy, anyway.

If you have questions about if your unit needs to be replaced or if you just need HVAC repair in Gainesville, GA, reach out to the experts at Gainesville Mechanical of North Georgia today!

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