Dos and Don’ts of Home Heating Systems

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When winter temperatures come for an extended stay, it’s important that your home’s heating is up to the task of keeping you and your family warm. To avoid emergency home heating installation in Gainesville, GA, check out these dos and don’ts to keep your heating working efficiently all winter.

Home Heating Dos

Let your home heat up gradually. Consider investing in a smart thermostat that learns your patterns and heats the house perfectly all day and night long. The ideal temperature for homes during the winter for conserving energy and keeping everyone happy is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Have your heating system inspected before using it for the first time. If you recently had heating installation, what did your HVAC technician recommend for maintenance services? Follow their suggestions to make sure your heater delivers optimal performance.

Keep your home insulated properly. Make sure the insulation hasn’t worn out in the attic and basements. Over the years, insulation can break down and needs to be replaced. You’ll get better heating performance when you’re not losing heat out the attic or walls.

Get help for repairs right away. If you suspect there’s a problem with your home’s heating, don’t wait for the problem to fix itself. Call a heating specialist near you to make timely repairs.

Home Heating Don’ts

Don’t turn the heat on and off to save energy. This actually wastes energy and puts a strain on your heater’s motor. The small bursts of heat you get don’t last long, and your home will actually feel colder.

Stop cranking the thermostat when you get cold. Turning it up to a high temperature doesn’t make your home heat any faster. All it does is force the heater to run harder. Do this too often, and you’ll need heating installation services sooner than later.

Don’t light a pilot light yourself. Sometimes gas furnaces need to have their pilot lights relit. This is a job for the experts. If the gas ignitor switch doesn’t seem to work, call a heating specialist to fix this problem for you.

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Avoid relying on space heaters for whole-house heating. Space heaters are suitable for small areas like the basement or garage and should never be left unattended. Space heaters heat up fast and can cause fires if something gets in their way like curtains or paper objects.

Don’t ignore loud, unusual sounds. Furnaces make noises when they turn on and off, but they shouldn’t make banging or clanking sounds. These sounds indicate something isn’t right inside the system. Often, what you’re hearing are tiny explosions in the furnace that needs to be fixed. Call a heating repair company to look at your heater right away.

You deserve to have a furnace that works well for you all winter long. If you had problems last year, they aren’t going to go away this year. Contact Gainesville Mechanical for heating service in Gainesville, GA, to get your furnace working efficiently in the winter.

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