Drain Hydro-Jetting vs. Snaking

Snake Drain with Hair Pulled from Drain

Dealing with a clogged pipe in your house can be a major pain. You expect your plumbing system to work properly, so when it doesn’t, your whole house comes to a standstill until you can get it fixed. Thankfully, experts in plumbing repair in Gainesville, GA, have two proven methods for removing clogs: hydro-jetting and snaking. If you’re not sure which method is best for your particular issue, here are a few things worth knowing about the different techniques.

Plumbing Snakes

The plumbing snake (also known as a plumbing auger) is a long metal tube with a corkscrew or metal blades at the end. Turning a crank at the back end extends the tube through the pipe until it reaches the clog, at which point further cranking will either dislodge the clog or force it to twist up around the corkscrew so that it can be pulled out. Snakes with straight tubes are used for most pipes, but toilets require snakes with a built-in J-bend. There are powerful mechanical versions available as well, which are made to remove particularly tough blockages. These are usually most effective when in the hands of experts in residential plumbing services in Gainesville, GA.


Whereas a plumbing snake is a tried and true method of clog removal, the hydro-jet is the newer and more sophisticated option. Consisting of a high-pressure hose upon which several different kinds of nozzles can be attached, hydro-jets enter into a drain much like a snake but use high-pressure water to blast hair, organic matter, minerals, and grease from the pipe’s interior, forcing it all down the pipe. The water coming out of the nozzle can be very powerful, so plumbers will often inspect the drain with a camera in advance to make sure the pipe itself isn’t damaged.

Water Sitting in Clogged Drain

Which Is Preferred?

Both snakes and hydro-jets have proven to be effective in clearing out clogged pipes. It’s worth noting, however, that snakes can only remove clogs that are as large as its tip. Sometimes most of a clog will remain after it’s been snaked, meaning it won’t be too long before the same drain has to be snaked again. In this sense, snaking should be considered as more of a temporary solution. Hydro-jets, on the other hand, not only remove the entire clog, but they remove all the bits of matter that are adhering to the inner walls of the pipe, permanently removing any trace of a clog. Due to the hydro-jet’s tremendous water pressure, however, homes with old or weak plumbing systems may be better suited to the gentler plumbing snake.

If you’ve got a clog you can’t seem to get rid of, contact Gainesville Mechanical. We’re providers of dependable plumbing repair services in Gainesville, GA, and we can offer both plumbing snakes and hydro-jets to ensure that your plumbing will work the way it should. Call today at (800) 598-4328.


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