Dry Air in Winter

Georgians are no stranger to the effects of humidity! The summer air (night or day) has the effect of making you feel quite sticky. High humidity causes mold to develop in houses and is also a breeding ground for bacteria. High humidity is no fun.

But during the winter, Georgia’s humidity is at the opposite end of the scale. That means more lotion to soothe dry hands and more moisturizers to keep faces hydrated. Unfortunately the damage of exceptionally low humidity does not stop there.

Dry Air | Gainesville Mechanical
If your humidity is too low, you greatly increase your chance of getting the flu

Dry air has a tremendous effect on both our health and our comfort. Allergy symptoms are perhaps the most common side effects of dry air – dry nose, sore throat, and itchy or cracked skin. Low humidity is also the reason we often term this time of the year “flu season.” Lower humidity produces an environment viruses thrive in. Thus the chances of contracting a respiratory ailment, the flu, or a cold are significantly increased.

Low humidity causes damage to our home performance as well. For instance, many important pieces of our homes require stable humidity right around 50%. When the air humidity is to low it causes wood to crack, paint to chip, and damage to musical instruments and artwork. Additionally dry air makes us feel colder. We may be motivated to turn up the heat higher than it need be to counteract that chill. The result is higher energy bills due to higher consumption.

The Solution

Low humidity certainly contributes to poor air quality. So what can one do to stop the damage to ourselves, our homes, and our wallet? The answer is to increase the humidity to an appropriate level. The most effective way to do that is by means of a Whole Home Steam Humidifier. These devices are capable of serving either large homes or small apartments. As the name suggests, they introduce steam to your home’s air, thereby increasing the humidity to the correct level.

Dry Air | Gainesville Mechanical

Gainesville Mechanical installs Bryant steam humidifiers. We choose to use this particular brand because, in addition to the humidifiers benefits these high quality devices are nearly silent and easy to service. Because we are committed to improving you and your family’s health, we are currently taking $250 of the price of having us install this device. In addition to our $250 off offer, you may qualify for a Bryant rebate!

Dry Air | Gainesville Mechanical

If you would like to find out more about this special or if you qualify for Bryant’s rebate, please call us at 770-532-9130!

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