Bryant Logo | Gainesville MechanicalAs a home owner, you might not know all the ways in which improper ductwork is affecting you.

Unstable temperatures, drafts, and moisture issues cause more than discomfort. Wasted energy, higher costs, health issues, and property damages are all possible consequences. Very often, you can point the finger of blame at your ductwork. Your forced air heating and cooling system relies on ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout the rooms of your home. In most cases, about twenty to thirty percent of the air traveling through the duct system is wasted, because of leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. Properly sealed ductwork is essential to your overall enjoyment of your home, and when your internal duct sealing isn’t properly sealed, you’re not getting the most out of your HVAC. These problems with your duct sealing systems may seem minor, but when you put off duct sealing service, you’re only making problems worse. Not only do you suffer from poor performance and decreased efficiency, but you risk long-term damage to your HVAC duct sealing which can lead to higher future HVAC air duct sealing costs. When you contact Gainesville Mechanical, Inc. for duct sealing, we get rid of all those tiny leaks. Our work adds up to big rewards.

Save energy with professional duct sealing!

Because ductwork is often difficult to access and easily damaged, duct sealing is better left to the professionals. If you require duct sealing near Gainesville, GA, you won’t find a more reliable duct sealing contractor than Gainesville Mechanical, Inc. We have the training, specialized tools, and in-field experience to handle those hard-to-reach places and make sure every leak is addressed. Our licensed technicians test performance of your duct system, before and after service, ensuring rewarding and lasting results. We know how difficult it is to accommodate the work of air duct sealing companies in your home. Among all the Gainesville companies, we do all we can to make the process as painless as possible. Through conscientious project management, we keep disruption to a minimum. You can expect timely arrival, clean uniforms, courteous service, and careful clean up at completion.

Gainesville Mechanical Inc works to improve the performance of your HVAC system, protecting the health and safety of your home.  We help you eliminate energy waste and lower your monthly costs. Our team of BPI certified professionals perform all work up to BPI (Building Performance Institute Inc.) standards.  Through sound business science, we accurately diagnose your home’s issues, and recommend solutions customized to the unique concerns of your home and budget.  To achieve certification, the Gainesville Mechanical Inc technicians have passed BPI’s strenuous written and in-field practical exams, demonstrating their knowledge and skills in building science solutions. This allows us to provide energy services, without sacrificing safety.

Does your home suffer from poorly sealed ducts?  Signs include:

  • High summer and winter utility bills
  • Rooms that are difficult to heat or cool
  • Stuffy rooms
  • Excess dust in the home
  • Problems with pests
  • Drafts
  • Issues with moisture
  • Lengthy HVAC cycles

Find out why you should invest in ductwork sealing from Gainesville Mechanical Inc!

  • Comfort – Leaking ducts sacrifice your conditioned air, making it much more difficult for your heating/cooling system to achieve and maintain desired temperatures.
  • Air Quality– Along with conditioned air getting sucked out of leaks in the ductwork, contaminants can be drawn in.  Mold, insulation fibers, exhaust, pesticides, dust, and all sorts of unpleasantness can be introduced into your breathing air and cause a number of health issues.
  • Energy savings – When your heated or cooled air is allowed to escape through flaws in the ductwork, your HVAC system uses far more energy to condition your home.
  • HVAC System – If conditioned air is lost, your HVAC system is forced to work harder to compensate, resulting in excess wear and tear and shortened service life.
  • Safety – Leaking ducts can lead to backdrafting.  Harmful fumes from household appliances may be pulled into the ductwork and allowed into your breathing air.
  • Environmental Responsibility – The less energy you use, the less impact on the environment.