Ductless HVAC | HVAC Near Me | Duct Sealing | HVAC Repair | Gainesville MechanicalForget about ductwork.  You don’t need it.  If you’re looking for perfect temperature control without the hassle of ductwork installation, Gainesville Mechanical Inc offers the ideal solution.  Ductless HVAC systems are clean, quiet, safe, and efficient.  With the introduction of inverter technology, these systems are leading the charge when it comes to affordable comfort.  They deliver efficient and effective temperature control, year-round while sparing you from a major renovation.  Take advantage of an aesthetic alternative, and the team from Gainesville Mechanical Inc will integrate your new system seamlessly into your indoor space.  Powerful, environmentally responsible, and user-friendly, a ductless system offers rewards without drawbacks.  Contact Gainesville Mechanical Inc and we’ll help you throw away those box fans, clumsy window units, and ugly space heaters.

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Ductless HVAC is similar to central systems in that they are comprised of two main components.  There is an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit.  Beyond that, all you need is an outside wall, access to electricity, and a three-inch hole to accommodate the conduit.  With a variety of lengths of connecting conduits, the specialists from Gainesville Mechanical Inc can install the outdoor unit up to 50 feet from the indoor evaporator.  We’ll tuck the compressor in an unobtrusive location, and make it possible for you to cool multiple rooms, anywhere in the house.

Small, streamlined, and lightweight, the indoor unit mounts high on the wall, or can even be set into a drop ceiling.  By connecting multiple indoor air handling units to the outdoor unit, zoning capability is wonderfully simple.  Each zone is controlled by a separate thermostat, giving you the flexibility to condition only those spaces that are in use.  You can adjust temperatures to accommodate individual preferences, and avoid the mixing of air between the various zones.  A wireless remote lets you raise and lower temperatures, or switch from heating to cooling, with the touch of a button.  With so many energy-saving opportunities, you can trim 30% of operational costs.

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To enjoy the reliable and uninterrupted performance, it is essential that each indoor unit is properly sized and installed in the optimum location.  Oversized or incorrectly placed air-handlers can lead to short-cycling, wasted energy, unstable temperatures, and inadequate humidity control.  Not all contractors are trained in the installation and service of ductless HVAC.  Very often, inexperienced contractors recommend the costly and labor-intensive installation of ductwork, simply to make a sale.  Fully licensed, nationally certified, and recognized as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, the team from Gainesville Mechanical Inc specializes in ductless mini- and multi-split systems.  Our technicians are trained at the highest level, regularly updated, and draw from years of hands-on experience.  When you trust the installation and service of your ductless system to Gainesville Mechanical Inc, you can count on perfect comfort and performance.