Ductless Systems for Every Occasion

bryant-ductlessWhen we have A/C problems with certain rooms in our home, we may be quick to dismiss the problem as unsolvable or extremely costly. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, a ductless system can provide better system performance and enhance the comfort of your home considerably, even in the most extreme situations!


Why Should I Use a Ductless System?

Ductless systems offer a range of benefits that you can’t enjoy with other systems, like stunning performance in a compact body with the latest technology built in! The applications for a ductless system range in variety so much, it can be a challenge to pinpoint only a few key features! Here are a few of the reasons we thought you’d be interested in learning about ductless systems.

Easy Install and Great Look

As the name suggests, there is no ductwork. There is simply one piece that sits outside and another inside (actually you could choose to have up to 9 inside pieces connected to one piece outside). These pieces are connected by copper lines that carry the refrigerant between the inside and outside systems. The sleek indoor units are only 8″ deep, which allows them to be unobtrusively installed in even the smallest of rooms. When your guests come over, chances are the ductless system will not be the first thing they notice. These systems have a reputation for blending into the room and complementing the room, rather than detracting from its appearance.

Tremendous Performance

Bryant has not cut any corners in producing their lineup of ductless systems! The systems are extremely quiet, which is enhanced by the sound-suppressing insulated cabinet it’s put inside. But don’t let its lack of noise and small size fool you! These units pack a powerful amount of cooling into their size! The ductless systems carry an energy star rating and can operate up to at an unbelievably efficient 30.5 SEER rating! Keep in mind that Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is more than 2X higher than standard A/C systems. Thanks to a variable speed motor, while systems perform perfect in heavy work areas, they can also dial it back when the load is light, working to save you money on cooling!


In today’s technologically sophisticated society we, as a society, have become evermore reliant on our phones. That’s why Bryant made sure to include Wi-Fi capabilities in each unit. What benefit does that provide you with? You can manage your system from virtually anywhere through the Bryant app for Android and iPhone! In addition to nifty long-distance features, these systems also come with a remote so that you can adjust the temperature with no more effort than the press of a button.

You Can Put One Anywhere!porch-1046156_1920

Okay, anywhere is an overstatement. But, there are a lot of places you can put them! Consider this list:

  1. Bonus Rooms, which commonly suffer from temperature differentials due to a lack of proper insulation.
  2. Converted garage spaces or garages that need to maintain a certain temperature.
  3. Sunrooms. Let’s face it: just because you want to be in the sun, doesn’t mean you want to be hot!
  4. Basements or the all-important Man Cave. You’ll thank us when you see how much you’ll save from using this instead of running new ductwork through your basement!
  5. Seldom used rooms/zoning. Do you really need to cool down that guest room when it’s not in use beyond making sure that the air is moving in there?
  6. Home Apartments. If you’ve got a separate apartment in your home, this is an ideal way to keep it cool when it’s in use!

The list can go on and on! The bottom line is that anywhere that your home needs special help maintaining a set temperature could use a ductless system!

Why Now?

Good Question. It’s even more affordable than ever for a limited time…

Gainesville Mechanical really saw the value in these systems. We believe that if people truly understand how to use these systems they are going to save you a lot of money and add to your home comfort. With that extensive faith in this system, we purchased these ductless systems in bulk! This allowed us to get a better price on this system than our competitors can offer with the same reliable installs that you have come to expect from our company, backed by the 24/7 service guarantee!

So, while current inventories last, we will be selling ductless systems for as low as $2,200.00 or financed at $91.00 / month with no interest! That pricing is based on the Bryant 9,000 BTU ductless heat pump, with a standard installation. The payments are estimated at 24 months no interest with approved credit in a disclaimer.


Now is an excellent time to give us a call and discuss ductless system options with our sales team! Give us call at 770-532-9130!!!


GMSI Service Tech

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