Essential Tips to Prepare Your AC for Spring Season

Taking Out Dirty HVAC Filter

While the spring isn’t the time of year in which your AC system gets used the most, it does mark the upward swing in air conditioning usage as the winter temperatures thaw and the mercury and humidity begin to climb. Though the summer months will keep your AC running almost constantly, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare your AC for use in the spring, especially since it’s probably emerging from a long period of infrequent use over the winter months. One of the best ways to avoid air conditioning repair in Gainesville, GA, is to engage in preventive maintenance, and the spring provides an excellent opportunity to handle those PM tasks before your AC is embroiled in its annual battle against the summer heat.

There are some essential tasks that you should undertake with the help of your favorite AC repair company to ensure that your unit is prepared to ramp up usage during the spring and provide uninterrupted cool comfort during the summer months. Most of the tasks are simple enough for a homeowner to perform alone, but it’s always a good idea to have a professional HVAC service conduct an inspection of your system along with preventive maintenance and cleaning in the springtime. Keep reading to learn more about some essential preparations you should make to your air conditioner in the spring to prepare it for the warm months ahead.

Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit may not have run very much over the course of the winter, so it’s a good idea to give it a quick once-over to make sure everything is as it should be. Some people cover their outside units during the winter to keep debris from falling into them. If you use a cover, make sure that you remove it before activating the AC, as failure to do so can damage key components. If you don’t cover it, make sure that you check for debris inside the unit. A stick or twig large enough to obstruct the fan blades could cause damage to the fan motor, so make sure that everything is clear around your outside unit.

Check Your Air Filter

While you should have been checking your air filter each month throughout the winter months, it’s always a good idea to install a fresh filter as your air conditioner begins its busiest season of the year. A clogged filter can cause all sorts of problems for your system, including diminishing its performance and limiting the service life of your system. Make sure you install a clean filter before using your air conditioner for the first time in the spring.

Clean Grates and Vents

The grates and vents associated with your air conditioning system may have accumulated dust over the winter, which can provide restricted airflow once you begin using your AC again in the spring. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go through the house and clean all vents to make sure that they remain unobstructed. Not only will it help improve airflow, but it will also contribute to better overall air quality throughout your home.

Have an HVAC Tech Perform a PM

Preventive maintenance is important to AC performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. Many tasks involved in a PM service call involve specialized equipment or knowledge not possessed by the average homeowner. Therefore, it’s important to have a professional check your system and provide preventive maintenance before the season of heavy AC usage has arrived.

If you want to avoid AC repair near Gainesville, GA, as the temperature creeps higher this spring, use these tips to prepare your system for its season of heaviest use. To learn more tips for preparing your AC unit for spring usage, contact Gainesville Mechanical at (770) 532-9130.

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