Fall, Football and Your Furnace

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Fall in Northern Georgia means many things. For several of us, it means football’s back! At Gainesville Mechanical, we also have your furnace on our minds. As the weather starts to dip overnight, we begin to schedule preventive maintenance visits. Maintaining your furnace is a good call, especially if you like to host friends to watch the game.

Furnace Service is a First Down Play

Taking care of your HVAC heating equipment is a smart strategy. It’s the best play if your goal is to enjoy comfort, energy-efficiency and reliability this fall. Also, if everyone likes to gather at your house to watch your team, it’s important to provide warmth as well as snacks.

When you book service for your furnace with Gainesville Mechanical, you can count on a thorough inspection. Our HVAC technicians look for signs indicating strain or a malfunction. They clean and lubricate all components.

They clean the unit and note any exceptional buildup. For electrical safety, they test all switches and electronic parts. In addition, they ensure your thermostat is communicating effectively with your furnace.

If your HVAC technician notes any signs of distress, such as excess wear and tear, grinding or faulty readings, he or she notifies you. Also, if leaks in your ductwork are detected, he or she share it with you as well.

Leaky ducts subject you to higher utility bills, poor air quality and safety concerns, such as backdrafting. When harmful fumes from household appliances are pulled into the ductwork, this is known as “backdrafting.” Address this situation with professional duct sealing from Gainesville Mechanical.

Need Furnace Repair – Call Gainesville First

Maybe you recall your furnace limping through last season. If you think you need a furnace repair call us! We’re happy to check it out. Our techs attend continuous training and know how to fix every brand. They stay up to date with the latest methods, technology and tools for your convenience. Plus, they’re available 24/7 with no overtime charges. We’re here to help you when you need it!

If a repair is needed, our HVAC techs provide you with recommendations. If you feel you’ve sunk enough money into your furnace and you’re ready to upgrade, we can help there too!

A new furnace, (or heat pump), could save your money and headaches. A newer, more efficient model will lower your energy bills and increase your comfort, safety and reliability through the chilly months of the year.

Gainesville Mechanical – 2018 Bryant Dealer of the Year

We earned this distinction due to our commitment to customer service, rigorous business practices and dedication to quality products and services. We’re proud of our team who represent Gainesville Mechanical and Bryant every day in our communities. We are also humbled by the continued support by so many of our customers. It’s because of them we do “Whatever it Takes.”

Contact Gainesville Mechanical today and schedule a furnace or heat pump service before the weather changes. Perhaps you have an elderly relative who may benefit as well. We happily serve customers throughout Northern Georgia, including Gainesville, Lawrenceville, Buford, Dahlonega, Braselton and Cumming.

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