Fall Plumbing Checklist

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Now that it’s fall, temperatures are dropping, which indicates that homeowners should start getting their home ready for the colder weather to prevent plumbing problems. Here’s a fall checklist that covers everything plumbing companies in Gainesville, GA, say you need to know to ensure your plumbing is prepped for the winter. Get started today by first removing any connected water hoses to your home.

Remove Connected Water Hoses

To prevent water in your hoses from freezing, which can cause faucets and pipes within your home to freeze and break, you should remove any connected water hoses. Make sure you leave the hoses out to dry to prevent water from collecting, which can wear down the interior tubing of the hoses. The last thing you want to do is replace your hoses every spring because of poor maintenance habits.


Clear Out Gutter Debris

If you notice a large amount of leaves and debris falling into your gutters and downspouts, you should do your best to clear the area. As the weather gets colder, water can freeze leaves and debris in your gutter, which can cause damage, especially when the ice melts in the spring. Plus, you’re left with a gross mess when clearing your roof in the winter.


Check Your Faucets

Ensure that faucets inside or outside your home aren’t leaking water. If they are, you should hire a local plumber to make necessary repairs or replacements. Keep in mind that, when pipes freeze, the water pressure can cause cracks that can damage plastic, copper, or even steel pipes. Although a small crack might not seem like much, it can severely damage your plumbing system.

plumbing companies Gainesville GA

Keep Your Pump Up and Running

Sump pumps can stop working under extremely cold temperatures. To prevent this from happening, you should properly maintain this appliance year-round, such as having it inspected and cleaned annually by a professional. Also, you should ensure the area you have the sump pump in is adequately insulated to prevent a shutdown this winter.


Insulate Your Interior Plumbing

If there are unheated areas of your home, you should keep your pipes well-insulated. To apply insulation, you can apply heat tape or purchase thermostat-controlled heating cables and apply them to pipes that are prone to freezing in the winter. You should also seal windows and doors to reduce cold air from seeping into your home during the upcoming frigid season.


Prepare Your Home for Vacation

If you have a big vacation planned this winter, it’s crucial you get your home ready. You can get started today by ensuring that all your faucets are drained, your thermostat is programmed for the days you’re away, the main water valve is shut off, and you hire someone to watch over your home. You can even install programmable lighting to ward off any potential thieves.

If you’re wondering how to get your home ready for the fall, there’s plenty you can get started on, including clearing debris from your gutter and insulating your internal plumbing system. To help you with faucet or pipe repairs before the colder weather sets in, contact Gainesville Mechanical in North Georgia today at 770-532-9130.


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