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Financing | Gainesville MechanicalWhen I turned 18 I was just as excited as anyone else, but for a rather different reason than most people. I was excited to get my first credit card! I always wanted to get an airline credit card and start racking up miles, so that I could travel the globe. I immediately filled out an application and instantly got a response: rejected.

And so it goes with the world of credit. Bad or no credit consumers find themselves unable to capture some of the deals that healthier credit scores provide. I was disappointed to learn this at the time. After all, I knew I was capable of wise spending habits on a credit card.

The Interest Rate DilemmaFinancing | Gainesville Mechanical

Those that do qualify for credit cards often have them specifically for emergencies. However even those with the best credit scores will struggle to find a credit card below 10% APR.  When an emergency, like your unit giving out for the final time on the summer’s hottest day, regretfully occurs that 10% can really add to the final price of your system.

Good Credit Solution

If you do have good credit, there is a way better solution to a 10% APR loan. Through our financial partners, Gainesville Mechanical can offer you 10% lower than that! That’s right – a 0% loan for as long as 60 months! That could be the difference of over $500 a year or more on interest.

This is a solid solution that Gainesville Mechanical has pioneered to the delight of many of our customers. Often homeowners are blindsided by a down system. While investing in a new system is a wise choice, it becomes a much easier choice to make when you are given time to pay for the system with absolutely no penalty or fees.

No Credit or Bad CreditFinancing | Gainesville Mechanical

Mistakes happen and some consumers may not have had an opportunity to rebuild their scores yet. Or, like me, you may not have gotten the time to build yours up at all (it took me two years of building before I got approved for that airline credit card I so badly wanted). If you fall into those categories, we don’t want you to be overwhelmed about having to make a large payment all at one time.

Thanks to our partners at Microf financial, we are happy to say that you too can finance your system with a no credit check financing offer! So many of our customers have taken advantage of this offer and have been able to make reasonable payments on their system. No doubt that offer was a lifeline to them that made their initial investment a far easier choice. You’re an important customer to us no matter what your credit standing is and, we’re delighted to prove that with this financing offer.

More Information

The process to understanding your financing options is very simple. First, one of our representatives will come to you home and give you a quote on the system you’re interested in. Then, the representative will gladly answer your questions about financing and help you apply. Finally, from there you’ll be able to see your rates and all terms.

We also encourage you to view the information available on our financing page here

Financing | Gainesville Mechanical

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