Friendly Tips for AC Unit Maintenance This Summer

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Do you love summer but dread your electricity bill? You’re not alone. Summer is the time of year when households use a lot of electricity trying to cool off their homes. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. When you maintain your air conditioner, you avoid unexpected air conditioning repair, and you enjoy lower energy costs.

Check out these tips for maintaining your home’s AC.

Schedule a Check-up

Before the temperatures ramp up, contact your local air conditioning service in Gainesville, GA, to schedule maintenance services. These professional services go a long way toward making sure your unit works as efficiently as possible for you this summer. Included in the service is the all-important Freon check, which makes sure the cooling chemical is charged and ready to work its best when you need your home cooled fast.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to have your portable air conditioners and window units serviced too. Smaller homes might not have central air conditioning and rely on these types of units to keep their homes comfortable. Professional servicing cleans the filters, checks for poor connections, and cleans the unit thoroughly. If you don’t want to hire someone to check your portable units, make sure you do it yourself to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Change Your Filters

You should be changing your HVAC unit’s filter continuously throughout the year, but it’s easy to forget. Is it dirty? Has it been longer than 30 days since you changed it? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, replace that filter ASAP for better performance.

Stabilize Your Temperature Settings

Constantly messing around with the thermostat doesn’t do your energy bills any good. It can also put stress on your unit and lead to premature breakdowns. Often, people adjust their thermostats too much because the house feels sticky and uncomfortable. This is a humidity issue. Air conditioners do remove humidity from your home, but some don’t do as good of a job at this as others do. The cheapest way around this problem is to purchase a dehumidifier to help get the moisture out of your home.

Make Necessary Repairs

Did you have problems with your AC unit last year? Last year’s issues aren’t going away this year. They’re only going to drain your home’s energy and your wallet. So, why not get ahead of the problem and call for air conditioning system repair now? You’ll pay less for timely repairs because you won’t have to worry about making that after-hours service call. You also won’t end up sweating in a sweltering house waiting for the service tech to arrive on a day when everyone else needs service too.

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Clean Up Around the Outside Unit

Your central AC system has an inside air handler and an outside unit that includes the fan and compressor. The outdoor unit is essential and should be clear of debris. The best way to maintain this part of the system is to hose it down once a week and make sure there aren’t sticks, leaves, grass clippings, or other debris laying on top of it.

When you experience a problem, whether with your home’s AC system or you need commercial air conditioning repair for your business, call the best in the business. For 24 hour air conditioning repair in North Georgia, GA, contact Gainesville Mechanical today!

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