Don’t Leave the Health of Your Heat Pump to Chance

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Preventative maintenance on your heat pump is extremely important. Skipping out even once on your routine HVAC service can have expensive consequences. Unlike a furnace or air conditioner, your heat pump doesn’t get a break between seasons. It works year-round to provide ideal temperatures throughout your home. It experiences more stress and when it’s neglected, the result is uneven temperatures, poor indoor air quality, expensive HVAC repairs and early breakdown. Now is the time to contact Gainesville Mechanical and schedule preventative HVAC service on your heat pump.

Why Invest in a Preventive Maintenance Plan?

A scheduled HVAC service call for maintenance on your heat pump offers financial benefits to your wallet and health benefits to you and your loved ones. When you plan ahead and invest in a preventive maintenance plan you:

  • Maximize Efficiency: Properly maintained heat pumps operate more efficiently because there is no dust, grime or debris restricting airflow, forcing your heating and cooling unit to work harder to supply controlled temperatures throughout your home. The unit can reach the desired setting on your thermostat and can power down until warm or cool air is needed. When the airflow is obstructed, desired temperatures are a struggle and your thermostat will signal your heating and cooling system to cycle on repeatedly. Constant cycling wastes energy and puts unnecessary stress on your heat pump.
  • Decrease Energy Bills: According to the Department of Energy, your heating and cooling system use accounts for close to half of your energy bill. A heat pump performing efficiently uses less energy and decreases your energy bill. Without routine maintenance, your system will continue to operate while expending more energy to provide ideal temperatures in your home. You will continue to see high energy bills when your heating and cooling system isn’t inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Prolong Your Heat Pump’s Life: If your heating and cooling system is over 10 years old, you will experience more malfunctions. Maintenance keeps your unit clean and healthy so it will last longer. Just like with a car, you regularly check the oil and have it serviced by a mechanic. The same is true for your heat pump. Routine checkups or tune-ups catch problems early so additional wear and tear is kept to a minimum. HVAC service twice a year will add years to your equipment and allow you to save money toward a new system when the time is right.
  • Experience Fewer HVAC Fixes: Your heat pump will experience minor issues over time and regular service will catch those small problems early. Without maintenance, simple issues go unnoticed and fester into larger and more expensive emergencies. Breakdowns will happen when you least expect them, forcing you to call for an emergency HVAC fix and pay far more than a regular maintenance call. Save money on expensive repairs in the future by servicing your heating and cooling system now.
  • Maintain Your Warranty’s Validity: Some manufacturer’s warranties become void if proper maintenance is neglected. Avoid this pitfall by putting the preventative services on autopilot with an annual plan.

What to Expect from a Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Routine maintenance on your HVAC system includes:

  • Checking and replacing the filter
  • Testing all electrical components and the control board
  • Lubricating motors, inspecting belts and looking for signs of wear and tear
  • Checking the ducts, indoor coil, and blower
  • Inspecting and measuring the airflow
  • Deep cleaning the indoor and outdoor unit
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks and ensuring the refrigerant levels are adequate
  • Locating and sealing any leaks in the ducts
  • Inspecting the thermostat and the settings and
  • Tightening connections and applying non-conductive coating when necessary.

    Extend the life of your heat pump by reducing surprise HVAC fixes with routine service for your unit. Gainesville Mechanical offers preventative maintenance plans for your heating and cooling needs. Contact us today to find out more!

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