Use Guests to Keep Your Home Warm

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Holiday parties and a houseful of guests present unique home comfort challenges, especially temperature-wise. If you’re thinking, “Cooling my home and heating my home when guests are present is a challenge!” Gainesville Mechanical is here to help you out with the optimal thermostat settings to use with your central heating and cooling system during the holidays.

Guests Help Your Home Stay Warm

As your home fills with guests for the holiday parties you’re hosting, you’ll notice one thing they bring along besides presents and potluck dishes: body heat! As people pack in your home, you’ll notice the temperature will begin to rise, which can create discomfort if your thermostat isn’t set accordingly.

It is smart to set your thermostat back a few degrees prior to a holiday party to account for the heat your guests will bring along with them. If you leave your thermostat at your normal preferred settings, you’ll find your home becomes too warm for comfort, which is the last thing you want while entertaining!

Use Ceiling Fans

During winter, your ceiling fans can be run counterclockwise to disperse heat evenly throughout a room. This strategy is useful to spread accumulating heat throughout living areas when guests are present, to prevent areas from becoming too hot and stuffy. Your fans should be equipped with a switch on the motor to change the direction of rotation from summer clockwise settings.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

With a crowd indoors, your home may become stuffy if it isn’t ventilated properly! Cooking smells, fireplace smoke, humidity, and colognes are just some of the contaminants that can build indoors during your holiday parties, creating discomfort inside. When your home is full of guests, be sure to ventilate properly to remove odors and contaminants to keep everyone comfortable.

Ventilators remove contaminants from a space, and supply living areas with fresh, outdoor air. Stale air is removed without losing the heat generated by your central heating and cooling system along with guests. The temperature of your home will not be impacted, but the quality of your indoor air will greatly improve.  

Ideal Winter Thermostat Settings

According to the Department of Energy, setting back your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees over periods of 8 hours or more can help you save up to 10 percent on your energy bills each year! Lowering the temperatures produced by your central heating and cooling system slows heat loss, keeping your home comfortable for longer at lower temperatures.

This setback is great for times when guests are present, as you know from above that body heat can contribute additional warmth to your home. Set your thermostat back during holiday parties to save!

    Our customers say, “Heating my home and cooling my home has never been so easy and affordable!” Let Gainesville Mechanical set you up with a programmable or smart thermostat to make your central heating and cooling system more efficient this holiday season. Contact us to learn more.

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