5 Tips to Keep Your Guests at the Right Temperature this Holiday Season

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Hosting holiday parties is often a stressful event – we worry about if our guests are enjoying themselves, and if they’ll like the meals we’ve prepared. Avoid worrying over guest comfort this season by knowing exactly how to keep your home at the right temperature!

For those who say, “Heating my home is a challenge” – Gainesville Mechanical offers the HVAC maintenance, furnace repair, and other comfort tips you need to keep your guests nice and cozy this holiday season.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance for Your Furnace

Make sure your furnace or heat pump is ready to keep your home comfortable by scheduling HVAC maintenance before guests arrive. A tune-up for your furnace eliminates performance issues that will prevent your heating system from providing even, comfortable temperatures when your guests arrive. HVAC maintenance also provides peace of mind, helping to reduce the likelihood of furnace breakdowns when you have guests over.

Set Your Thermostat Accordingly

When large crowds gather indoors, you may notice it feels a bit warm. This is due to body heat – when there is a big crowd or party, body heat will contribute to the overall temperature of the home. Set your thermostat back a few degrees before guests arrive to account for the heat gain brought on by visitors.

Cooking holiday meals also adds heat to the home, especially when ovens and stoves are running for hours. Turn your thermostat back to account for the heat gain added by kitchen activities so guests do not feel so warm while they await the meal.

If you are hosting family throughout the holidays, keep guests comfortable without consuming excess energy. Knowing how to set your programmable thermostat with optimal winter settings will help guests stay comfortable for the duration of their stay.

<h2>Handle Furnace Repairs Before a Visit</h2>

If your furnace or heating system has been experiencing performance issues, schedule furnace repair with our NATE-certified technicians before your holiday party! Problems will be resolved before guests arrive so your furnace can function properly to keep everyone comfortable.

If your furnace breaks down while you’re hosting, call us for emergency furnace repair for quick service.

Fireplace Use

Everyone loves the warmth and ambiance produced by a glowing fire during the holidays! Lighting a fire obviously adds heat to the room. Running your furnace at its usual temperature while the fire’s roaring will overheat guests, causing discomfort. Set back your thermostat to control furnace use while your fire is going to keep your guests at a comfortable temperature.

Don’t forget to open your fireplace damper and have your chimney cleaned prior to use!

Seal Doors and Windows

Cracks around doors and windows allow heat to escape your home. This heat loss can cause guests to feel cold while attending holiday parties or staying over. Plus, your door will be opening frequently as guests arrive, causing further heat loss if the seal around your door isn’t tight when it’s closed again. Caulk cracks around window and door frames before your party and install weather stripping. As guests arrive, make sure you shut your doors tightly to eliminate heat loss.

Our customers say, “Heating my home is easy with Gainesville Mechanical!” Our HVAC maintenance and furnace repair services will keep you and your holiday guests more comfortable this season. Schedule service today with our NATE-certified furnace repair technicians.

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