How Frequently Should You Get Your AC Serviced?

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Most people believe that they only need to contact an HVAC company when something is wrong with their unit. This sort of thinking, however, can lead to higher energy bills, more issues, and a faster decline of your AC. To avoid this, you must begin thinking seriously about preventative maintenance. Read on to learn more about how frequently you should maintain your AC, why it’s so vital, and what to expect during an inspection.

How Often Should You Get Your AC Inspected?

In general, experts recommend getting your air conditioner serviced and cleaned once every year. Spring is the best time of year to schedule an inspection. This way, you can ensure that your unit is functioning efficiently during the warm summer months when it gets the most use. Even if your AC appears to be in perfect working condition, you should still perform your annual maintenance to make sure it continues working throughout the year. There are many benefits to getting aa yearly inspection of your air conditioner. Read on below to learn more.

Why Is an Annual Inspection Important?

When you have your air conditioner running, it collects dust and dirt in the air filters and condenser coils. This plays a direct role in the efficiency of your system. If you leave this buildup untouched, your AC unit will function less efficiently with each passing year. It requires more energy to keep your home comfortable, costing you more and putting more wear and tear on your unit. By scheduling annual maintenance with a company that handles AC system repair in Gainesville, GA, you can actually save money.

Annual inspections can also help to prevent larger issues from arising. During the inspection, the technician will look for anything out the ordinary. They can catch issues when they are still small before they become larger and more costly to repair. Regular servicing can also extend the useable life of your unit. This means you won’t have to think about a replacement for a long time to come.


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What Should You Expect During Your Inspection?

During the scheduled service, the technician will inspect, service, and clean your unit. During the inspection, they will also:

  • Inspect the drain line, blower, coils, return and supply lines, and more
  • Measure the airflow through the evaporator coil to ensure enough is getting through
  • Inspect the levels of refrigerant and look for leaks
  • Ensure all electrical components are functional
  • Tighten and clean the electric connections
  • Check the thermostat to guarantee that it’s accurate and working correctly
  • Put more oil in the motors
  • Survey the belts for signs of wear and looseness
  • Examine the ducts for leaks and make the necessary repairs

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