Save Money on Your AC Replacement Costs

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One of the crucial elements of every building is its air conditioning (AC) system. It collects heat from an enclosed space and blows out a cool breeze in return, keeping you and your employees comfortable on even the warmest afternoons. Aside from temperature control, it helps reduce allergens. All units are equipped with a filter that collects dirt, dust, mold, and other fine particles found in the air. These 2 features make it a must-have for commercial establishments that want to keep customers from suffering in the heat.

Like any other appliance, an AC is vulnerable to mechanical issues, causing it to break down and malfunction. In these scenarios, having it checked and repaired with commercial HVAC maintenance services is the ideal solution. But, eventually, fixing the unit won’t be enough, and you’ll need to replace it with something new. Here’s how you can save big when buying a replacement.    

Size It Up

Getting a unit isn’t as simple as picking something that you like and adding it to a shopping cart. Similar to the clothes and shoes you wear, an air conditioner has to come in the right size for the building. To cool a spacious area, a small window type will have to work twice as hard to cover the entire room. This leads to incredibly warm afternoons and high utility bills.

Similarly, installing an AC that’s too big comes with drawbacks. It automatically shuts off once it has cooled the whole space in less than 30 minutes. When it’s not cold anymore, it’ll turn on again to do its job. This on and off cycle leads to rapid wear and tear, energy inefficiency, and an expensive power bill.   

To get the perfectly-sized unit for your establishment, call a commercial HVAC service company. Their in-house experts will check out the rooms’ measurements and suggest various ACs with the right proportion and capacity.   

Do Your Research

Once you get the correct size, look up the different models available to you. Learn more about them by reading reviews posted online by other customers. This further helps in narrowing down your options and finding the best deal for you.   

It’s All in the Value

Before you make your decision, check out the unit’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. This figure tells you how good a model is at using power. Typically, a high SEER number means that the AC requires less electricity to work. This effectively cuts down your utility consumption and saves you money.

It’s important to note that because not all states experience the same climate, and the recommended SEER ratings vary per area. For instance, buildings in the Southeastern and Southwestern regions should have ACs with at least 14 SEER. Meanwhile, a lower grade of 13 SEER is needed for establishments in the Northern states.

Hvac Gainesville ga

The Great Rebate

Other than getting the most out of your money, swapping your current system for a new one qualifies you for incentives. Discounts and rebates are given by some states and commercial HVAC companies to those who swap out their old AC for a more efficient model. In some cases, the offered rates may be stacked, further reducing replacement costs. 

Apply these tips and tricks to save money when buying a new commercial AC. For more information, get in touch with a company that specializes in HVAC Gainesville, GA. Gainesville Mechanical, serving North Georgia, are the experts that will help you find and install the right unit for your commercial building at the most cost-effective price. Call today (770) 532-9130!



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