HVAC Filters Help Persistent Allergies

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Does the word “ragweed” send a shiver down your spine? If you, like many Americans, live with allergies, asthma, COPD or other respiratory illnesses, your indoor air quality impacts you a lot. Follow these suggestions, starting with changing your HVAC filters regularly. You’ll find you can greatly improve your comfort with a few simple changes.

Common Allergies in our Region HVAC Filters Reduce

In Northern Georgia, we experience three main allergens: ragweed, mold and dust. Ragweed releases pollen beginning in August and may continue until the first hard freeze. One plant alone can produce one billion grains of pollen. Often confused with goldenrod, it’s found on roadsides, along river banks, and in open or vacant fields.

If you live in the south, you’re familiar with the danger of mold spores. We often battle high humidity and must be vigilant to prevent microbial growth in our homes. Fall, however, brings piles of leaves. Add a little rain and those leaves will grow mold quickly.

If you have allergies, it’s best to check your HVAC filters every month. Most people find they have to change their HVAC filters every two to three months. If, however, you have serious seasonal allergies or live with a smoker, it’s best to change your HVAC filters monthly.

Finally, change your HVAC filters because it helps your heating and cooling units run more efficiently. Just like your sinuses, your HVAC system benefits from the unobstructed airflow.

When your filter is clogged, your HVAC system must work harder to “breathe,” or operate. This compromises your equipment’s efficiency and costs you in higher utility bills. It also puts more wear and tear on your equipment. This increases your chance of a visit from the “HVAC doctor,” so to speak.

When HVAC Filters Need an Assist Try Additional Air Quality Equipment

If you, or a loved one, live with any respiratory illness, we encourage you to call us. At Gainesville Mechanical, we carry a variety of indoor air quality products to help you.

Air Purifiers

These sophisticated machines attack bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and other airborne pollutants. They actually “clean” the air. They are installed as part of your HVAC system and operate with no noise.


In Georgia, we experience our share of humidity. Too much makes it feel warmer than it is and can create a breeding ground for mold and dust mites. We install dehumidifiers to share the humidity load with your air conditioner.

Your AC unit won’t have to work as hard to help you feel cool, and your humidity levels will be reduced. This helps a lot if you have difficulty breathing during humid conditions.


How about fresh air without energy loss and inviting pollen indoors? It may sound impossible until you hear about ventilators. These machines introduce fresh, clean air while ridding you of typical indoor contaminants.

UV Lamps

Have a musty quilt? “Put it in the sun,” Grandma said. She was onto something. Sunlight, or UV rays, act as a natural disinfectant. A UV lamp installed within your HVAC system works the same way. Ever feel like your family passes the same germs around for weeks? Eliminate them with a UV lamp and the circulation in your home’s air will stop.

Breathe Easier with Gainesville Mechanical

Contact Gainesville Mechanical today and schedule an HVAC service call for yourself. Consider booking one for an elderly relative too. Our licensed and insured technicians will gladly change your HVAC filters as part of our visit. Interested in an air quality product like an air purifier or ventilator? Ask about our financing options to help you increase your comfort and safety today.

We serve customers throughout Northern Georgia, including Gainesville, Lawrenceville, Buford, Dahlonega, Braselton and Cumming. We are the 2018 Bryant Dealer of the Year and we will do “Whatever it Takes.”

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