How to Avoid Heating Loss and Keep Your Furnace Humming

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Heating your home through the winter is expensive enough – don’t let lost heat drive up your energy bills and damage your furnace! The areas outlined below are common zones where heat loss occurs – with proper HVAC maintenance and HVAC repair, you can avoid heat loss and keep your furnace performing optimally all season long.


Did you know that up to 30 percent of the heat your furnace produces can be lost through your duct system? That means 30 percent of your energy bill is heat you don’t even benefit from inside your living areas!

When heat escapes your ducts, it doesn’t reach your living areas, so proper indoor temperatures aren’t achieved. Your furnace will keep running to deliver the heating you need, using more energy and stressing the system unnecessarily. Duct sealing and other HVAC repairs to the duct system can eliminate heat loss and lower your energy bills.


Chimneys should always be opened when the fireplace is in use, but if no fire is lit, shut the damper! An open chimney damper can cause as much as 14 percent of your heat energy to escape the home. Your furnace will run longer to make up for the loss. This burden may cause the need for HVAC repairs to your furnace this winter.

Windows and Doors

The cracks surrounding your window and door frames, as well as the area where the pane or door fits within the frame is a prime location for heat to escape the home. As much as 20 percent of your heat can be lost through these gaps. Anytime heat is lost from the home, the furnace will continue to run to replace this heat, using excess energy and continually wearing down components. While HVAC maintenance works to counteract wear and tear to the system, eventually this continued system use could cause the need for HVAC repairs.

Seal the cracks surrounding windows and doors with appropriate caulking. Weather stripping should be installed around doors to eliminate heat loss when the door is shut. If you can feel a draft in these areas, heat is also escaping, so seal them up!

Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

Heat can escape right through your home’s walls, ceilings, and floors if insulation is lacking! Insulation installed in these areas helps the home to retain the heat produced by your furnace, and maintain accurate temperatures in your living areas. If heat is escaping due to poor insulation, your furnace constantly has to make up for this loss.

Upping the insulation in your home is an energy efficiency improvement that will help you lower your energy bills year-round. Insulation should be the appropriate R-value and no gaps should exist between the insulation – or else, heat will continue to escape! Insulation options exist for existing attics, flooring, and walls to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of existing living spaces without the need for major remodeling. 

Save money on your winter energy bills and keep your furnace in top shape with HVAC maintenance and HVAC repair from Gainesville Mechanical. Call us now to end heat loss and keep your home comfortable.

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