HVAC System Maintenance Checklist

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Regular HVAC maintenance helps your heating and cooling equipment work at peak efficiency and will provide a consistently comfortable atmosphere in your home or business all year. Here is what should be included on a maintenance checklist that your local expert in HVAC service in Gainesville, GA, will follow during an annual checkup.

Annual Tune-Up

Once a year, your HVAC system needs a tune-up. A professional HVAC technician will go through a checklist of steps to correct any current issues and prevent future issues with your heating and air-conditioning equipment. There are specific checklists for indoor and outdoor HVAC components.

All outdoor components—coils, cabinets, drain pans and condensate lines, compressor, fan motor, fan blades, control box, switches and wires, etc.—are carefully inspected. The coils, cabinets, and compressor are cleaned, and debris and other obstructions are cleared from the drain pans and condensate lines. The fan motor and blades are lubricated. Refrigerant levels are measured, and, if necessary, get recharged.

Indoor HVAC components are also carefully inspected. The blower assembly, combustion blower housing, evaporator coil, drip pan, condensate line, burner assembly, ignition system, air filter, and duct system are all cleaned. The control box, wires, and connections are analyzed and tightened. Belts are lubricated and flue systems are checked for wear or dislocation and replaced if necessary. Safety controls are tested, and duct systems are checked.

Air Filter Inspection and Replacement

While a lot is done during the annual preventative maintenance checkup, there are some things you and your HVAC technician can do throughout the year to keep your equipment working efficiently. One major component to keep on your monthly maintenance checklist is the air filters. Once a month, these filters need to be inspected for dirt, pollen, pet hair, and other debris that could clog them.

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HVAC air filters should be replaced every three to six months as recommended by the manufacturer or when needed. During times when heaters and air conditioners are used heavily, you should replace the air filters more often. This will keep air flowing freely through the system and reduce energy consumption.

Thermostat Maintenance

At the beginning of each season and when you don’t regularly use your heating and air-conditioning units are the best times to check and program the thermostat in your home or business. Programming can be done manually or a schedule can be made through an automated system, if applicable.

System Checkups

Every month you should perform a system checkup. Your monthly maintenance checklist will be similar to the yearly maintenance checklist. Inspect all components and make sure they are cleaned, lubricated, and working at peak performance. Repair or replace parts that aren’t working properly. Check if drip pans and drain lines are emptying properly and remove any obstructions. Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks and look for kinks or leaks in the gas lines and refrigerant charge. Inspect and unclog the condensate pump and inspect indoor and outdoor coils for dirt buildup.

If you notice anything unusual that indicates your system requires more complex HVAC repairs in Gainesville, GA, contact Gainesville Mechanical by calling 770-532-9130.


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