Important Facts about Slab Leaks

Every homeowner should know the following facts about foundation slab leaks. Read on to learn about prevention, signs of damage, and who to call for slab leak inspections and repairs.

A foundation slab leak occurs when a pipe that runs through or under a building’s concrete foundation starts to leak. Poor installation and inferior pipe materials are the top causes of slab leaks.

Low water pressure, wet flooring, sudden spikes in your water bills, and a moldy odor indoors are reliable signs of active leaks. If you notice cracks around doors and windows, or other signs of a shifting foundation, a leak has already started to damage your foundation. Leaks expose the ground under your foundation to excess moisture, which can cause the ground to shift and expand. When this happens, your foundation–which depends on an even surface–can move, crack, or sink.

If you suspect an active slab leak, call a plumber for an inspection and repairs. A plumber can fill leaks or replace pipes to protect your home from further damage. Thankfully, your homeowner’s insurance plan may cover the costs to repair foundation slab leaks. An authorized plumber can help you file your claim to cover their services.

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