Important Signs You Need Duct Sealing Services

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Are you taking your home’s ductwork for granted? You’re not alone. Most homeowners don’t pay their ductwork much attention because it’s above ceilings and behind walls. However, given that the ductwork is responsible for carrying and distributing hot and cold air throughout your home, it’s important to have a duct system that’s sealed well. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of leaky ducts and when to call for duct sealing near Gainesville, GA.

Rise in Utility Costs

One of the first signs of leaky ductwork is a higher utility bill. The reason many homeowners ignore this sign is that higher utility bills when temperatures are extremely high or low seem normal. People expect to pay more when they’re using their HVAC system more.

While that’s true, you want to stay alert for significant changes in utility costs. Energy bills that gradually increase month after month are telling you there’s a problem. The issue could be with your HVAC system such as a failing compressor or bad cooling coils. If your HVAC technician doesn’t find any problems with the system itself, then ask them about duct sealing service.

Poor Air Quality

Does your home have a musty smell? Have you aired out the house, but the smell keeps returning? Are you sneezing more or having more trouble with your allergies? Often, these problems are directly related to your home’s air ducts.

Leaky ducts cause contaminants, bacteria, and viruses to infiltrate your home’s air. They also cause humidity levels to rise and contribute to mold growth. When you start experiencing air quality issues at your home, you need have an HVAC specialist check out the ductwork. It might just need a good cleaning, or you might be better off having your ducts sealed.

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Inconsistent Heating and Cooling

When using your heating or air-conditioning, room temperatures should be consistent. There shouldn’t be a drastic difference in air temperature from room to room. Some people try to fix inconsistent heating or cooling by sealing off vents in one room or messing with the thermostat. Doing this often isn’t a great plan. It will wear down parts of your HVAC system quicker because you’re making it work harder. Instead, ask an HVAC specialist if duct sealing is a good option. This service will seal off any leaks and help the air travel to all areas of your home.

Choosing a Contractor for Duct Sealing

When you’re ready to learn more about sealing your home’s ductwork, you need to find a qualified HVAC contractor. You don’t want to entrust your system to just anyone. You need contractors who have experience with duct sealing and take their time to explain the process to you.

To learn more about sealing your home’s ductwork, consult with the best duct sealing contractors in Gainesville, GA. Call Gainesville Mechanical today at 770-532-9130.


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