Can Water Pressure Damage Your Plumbing?

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Everyone likes to have high water pressure. It makes car washing a breeze and showers nothing short of luxurious. It is possible, however, that your water pressure could be too high. You probably know the financial effects of leaking pipes. Even a small leak can build up over time resulting in hundreds of lost gallons of water and astronomical water bills. As bad as that is, imagine how much water is wasted due to excessive water pressure. High water pressure can also put undue strain on home appliances that tap into your plumbing system like clothes and dishwashing machines. Your home’s water pressure should never exceed 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). Anything higher than that, and you should call your plumbing contractor in Gainesville, GA. Here are some things you should know about high water pressure. 

Common Signs

Homeowners whose pipes are victims of high water pressure are familiar with the banging sound that’s known to occur. Water rushing through your pipes should be close to silent. Beyond the whooshing sound, you don’t want to hear anything out of the ordinary. If you notice a banging sound coming from your pipes and through your walls, that’s what’s known as a water hammer. This banging noise is the result of excessive water pressure that occurs whenever a faucet or valve is shut off. Lacking an escape route, the water will bang off a shut-off valve or against the pipe walls, causing a pounding noise. Another indication your water pressure is too high might be noticed by simple observation. If the water seems to blast out of your faucets more than usual, buy a pressure gauge and screw it onto a faucet near your water meter. If the PSI above 60, then the water pressure is too high, and you should probably make an appointment with one of your local plumbing contractors in Gainesville, GA. 

How Water Pressure Can Damage Your Pipes

A common result of excessive water pressure is leaking. Even a tiny pinhole leak can be exacerbated by water pressure so that it either leaks continuously or expands into a larger leak. Over time, the water that’s wasted will drive up your home’s water bill and might even cause water damage to your house. If you start to notice warping in your floors or water stains or peeling paint on your ceiling or walls, then you’ve got a serious problem on your hands.

Inside Running Dishwasher

Primary Causes

If your home is at the bottom of a hill, you’re vulnerable to high water pressure simply due to the effect of gravity. It can also occur as a result of the thermal expansion inside your home that can result from your water changing its volume when heated. Either way, you’ll need the help of a professional to resolve the issue. 

If you think your home might have too much water pressure, contact Gainesville Mechanical. We’re experts at plumbing maintenance and plumbing installation in Gainesville, GA, so give us a call at (800) 598-4328 today.


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