Keeping Your Outdoor AC Debris-Free

Small Weeds Around AC Unit Outside

Air conditioning performance should be on your mind as the days get hotter and hotter. Call air conditioning system repair in Gainesville, GA, to take care of any noticeable performance issues, such as blowing hot air, before you’re stuck in the heat.

One of the best ways you can ensure good AC performance is to keep your outdoor AC unit debris-free. Debris can interfere with the heat transfer process and can even reduce air quality. Here’s what to do to keep dirt and other gunk from winding up in your outdoor air conditioner.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Preventative tasks such as maintaining your yard can help you save money on air conditioning unit repair. Your air conditioner is only as clean as your yard is neat. A yard full of tall weeds, loose leaves, twigs, and other debris is likely to host a dirty air conditioner, too. Not only does a clean yard provide less debris that can be windblown into the unit, but clean and short foliage around the air conditioner also improves airflow for better, more efficient performance.

Just remember to always mow with discharge pointed away from your air conditioner. If you have a professional landscaper, advise them to mow properly. Kicking up grass can throw it right into your air conditioner. This is actually one of the top causes of air conditioner clogs.

Keep the Foundation around the Unit Clean

Most homes are likely to have their outdoor air conditioner on a concrete slab. Keep this area as clean as you can. Dust, cobwebs, and other gunk that collects on the concrete can wind up right in your air conditioner. You likely know the importance of your AC’s filter. The filter catches pollutants to keep them out of the unit and improve air quality. All of this is useless if the area around your air conditioner is just as dirty. Give the area around the unit a thorough sweep once a week, being careful not to sweep toward the unit but into the grass.

Invest in an AC Cover

Did you know that there are covers you can drape over your air conditioning unit in the off-season? Like pool covers, AC covers fit tightly over an air conditioner to block pollutants and keep winter frost off of it. Late fall, winter, and early spring are ideal times for keeping your air conditioner neatly covered. Are you expecting an unseasonably hot day during the off-season? It’s easy to slip off the AC cover and get the unit running again. In fact, without all that debris getting into the unit, it will actually be easier for you to start running the unit again on the occasional warm winter day.

But for a cover to work properly, it needs to be made of a durable material without large pores, gaps, or lint. It also needs dimensions that closely match the unit. Ask an air conditioning service near you to recommend a cover that’s appropriate for your unit and will keep it safe.

Is your air conditioner blowing dirty, foul-smelling air, not cooling properly, or working slowly to keep your home cool? There may be debris in your AC system. But cleaning the interior of an AC system is delicate, risky work. Leave it to a pro. Call Gainesville Mechanical for professional air conditioning repair in Gainesville, GA. We offer AC maintenance, repairs, installation, and even emergency air conditioning repair in Northern Georgia.

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