Know What Causes Stinky Plumbing Problems

Buildup in Shower Drain plumbers in Gainesville ga

Has your home’s plumbing started to smell? Most of the time, people associate bad plumbing odors with toilets, but not all smells originate from here. In fact, many plumbing smells come from other drains in your home for many reasons. Plumbers in Gainesville, GA, want you to know the most common causes of smelly drains and what you can do to get your home smelling better quicker.

Biofilm Buildup

A common complaint from homeowners is that their shower drains have started to stink. This usually happens when there’s a buildup of biofilm, residue caused by accumulated amounts of creams, shampoos, conditioners, and soap.

Natural bacteria love biofilm. In fact, it clings to the substances and feeds off it. When you catch a whiff of a bad odor coming from the shower drain, what you’re smelling is bacteria.

Yes, it’s gross, but luckily you can easily fix this problem. All you need to do is to pour a couple of gallons of hot water down the drain and then add baking soda and vinegar. Let the mixture sit for a couple of hours and then pour another gallon of hot water down the drain. This should get rid of the smell.

P-Trap Problems

The P-trap is the portion of the pipe under your kitchen or bathroom sink that’s shaped like the letter P. The trap holds a small amount of water all the time. The purpose of this water is to stop odors and gas from escaping from the drain.

Occasionally, P-traps dry out, and this causes a smelly problem. Plumbers find that P-traps develop this issue when the toilet or sink isn’t used often, such as in a guest bathroom or even in plumbing at second homes. To prevent this smell from happening in your home, run the water in sinks and flush toilets that aren’t used every day. Put this on your to-do list at least once a month.

Sewer Smells

These odors are bad, and they shouldn’t be ignored. A problem in the sewer system could cause sewage water to back up into your house or your yard. Usually, the problems causing the odor has to do with a backup in the pipe.

Call your local plumbing company to come out and inspect the sewer line. Using high-tech equipment such as sewer cameras, plumbers can figure out the location of the blockage and clear it right away. The best plumbing equipment for this job is the hydro jetter because it gets rid of years of backup and is safe on your pipes.

Running Water in Sink plumbing contractors Gainesville ga

Plumbing contractors in Gainesville, GA, don’t want you to put up with smelly plumbing. There are many ways that licensed plumbers can get your home smelling better in no time at all. If you’re having stinky plumbing problems at home, call Gainesville Mechanical at (770) 532-9130 to clear up the problem right away.

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