March Coming in Like a Lamb or a Lion? Be Prepared for Both

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Warm temperatures, rainy weather and windy days all exemplify March. To keep a comfortable home, prepare for fluctuating spring temperatures.. Routine HVAC service has several advantages in yo-yo weather, especially when a smart thermostat controls your heating and cooling system. Gainesville Mechanical understands the importance of preventative maintenance and why we offer affordable plans to fit any budget.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Scheduling annual HVAC service offers savings you can see now and in the future. Preventative maintenance also increases your system’s performance and keeps you comfortable indoors regardless of the swinging temperatures outside. Benefits of preventative maintenance include:

  • Fewer HVAC Repairs:

Neglected heating and cooling systems experience more malfunctions and breakdowns. Continuous repairs add up quick and will cost you more than the unit is worth if you don’t take care of your system. Maintenance ensures your heating and cooling system performs at its best by catching problems before they cost an arm and a leg to fix. Our HVAC professionals at Gainesville Mechanical will inspect your system twice a year and diagnose issues with your unit early, saving you money in the future

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality:

Routine maintenance cleans your heating and cooling system, providing your home with healthy indoor air. Allergens and other pollutants leak into your home’s air on a daily basis. The air filter in your unit is responsible for trapping and eliminating indoor pollutants so you and your loved ones can experience cleaner air throughout your home. When your filter is dirty or clogged, it struggles to filter toxins and allergens out of your home’s air. Poor indoor air quality increases allergy symptoms, respiratory infections and asthma issues. Improve your indoor air quality with regularly scheduled HVAC service by a Gainesville Mechanical professional.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency:

A well-cared-for system will perform more efficiently and save you money on your energy bill. Maintenance ensures your unit and its components stay clean by eliminating dust, dirt and debris collecting on your unit from season to season. A dirty heating and cooling system has to work harder to maintain ideal temperatures in your home. Working harder puts unnecessary strain on your equipment and forces it to use more energy, increasing your electric bill.

  • Extended Life of Your HVAC Unit:

Heating and cooling systems are expensive, so getting the most bang for your buck is important. Maintenance keeps your components clean and reduces the amount of wear and tear your unit experiences each year. Our NATE-certified technicians lubricate all moving parts, tighten all loose connections and assess the need for small repairs,  helping your heating and cooling system operate longer. Without maintenance, you will have to purchase a replacement HVAC system sooner than you want to and the cost might not be within your budget.

Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

Upgrading your current thermostat to a smart, programmable thermostat will boost your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. Pairing a smart thermostat with your HVAC system offers additional features an old thermostat doesn’t. You can control your temperature settings via Wifi from any smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you are coming home early from work, you can adjust the temperature remotely and arrive to comfortable temperatures already pumping throughout your home.

Smart thermostats will notify you when it’s time to schedule preventative maintenance, change the filter or call an HVAC technician to fix a problem with your unit. Upgrading your thermostat improves the accuracy of your heating and cooling equipment and saves you money by reducing the amount of wasted energy your unit consumes. Installing a smart thermostat will benefit you and your current HVAC system.   

March is the perfect time to prevent disasters with your heating and cooling system. Upgrade to a smart thermostat and schedule annual HVAC service to ensure your unit can handle any weather March brings.  Contact Gainesville Mechanical to schedule your HVAC service call and let the experts recommend a quality smart thermostat for your home.

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