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Spring is in the air and with it comes warm temperatures and high humidity levels. Excessive moisture in your home can make your home feel like a rainforest, cause health issues for you and your family, and damage to your home. By scheduling air conditioning service before temperatures change, you can protect your family and home as well as save money cooling your home in extreme temperatures. Gainesville Mechanical offers air conditioning services and dehumidifier options to maintain healthy humidity levels in your northern Georgia home this spring.

Effects of Excess Humidity in Your Home

Excessive moisture in a home presents several problems for homeowners. The first problem is health issues. A humid environment is a prime area for microscopic organisms to breed, such as mold spores and mildew. High humidity also provides an ideal environment for dust mites to grow and spread. Individuals who suffer from asthma and allergies are greatly affected by dust mites. Too much humidity combined with high temperatures will cause a body to overheat.

Humidity interferes with your ability to regulate your body temperature and prevents you from cooling down. Your body temperature will continue to rise and your natural method of cooling off, such as sweating, increased breathing, and altered blood circulation stops working. You might start to feel sluggish, light-headed, and experience muscle cramps more often when humidity levels are high in your home.

High humidity levels affect your home negatively and can result in expensive consequences if left unchecked. Basements and crawl spaces are common places for moisture to accumulate due to poor ventilation, resulting in mold and mildew growth on a regular basis. Moisture can seep into any porous place in a home and compromise the integrity of the home’s structure, including the foundation. Floorboards will begin to bend and creak, and walls will begin to exhibit signs of wet stains or peeling paint when high humidity is present.

Importance of Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioner is responsible for cooling your home and helps control the humidity in your home at the same time. It doesn’t control it completely on its own, but it can help keep levels at a lower level. When moist, hot air in your home makes contact with your air conditioning evaporator coil, the moisture is condensed into water vapor, which makes your home less humid. The moisture collected from the coil is exhausted outside through a drain.

Scheduling air conditioning service in the spring ensures your unit is ready for the hot temperatures and extreme humidity before it arrives. Our NATE-certified technicians will inspect your refrigerant lines, evaporator coil, compressor, and other components for signs of wear and tear, which might affect the air conditioners performance during the summer. We will check your thermostat settings to make sure communication is strong without false readings delivered to your air conditioning unit.  

Other Ways to Control Humidity Indoors

Besides scheduling air conditioning service this spring, there are a few other ways to reduce humidity in your home and help your air conditioner function more efficiently. Using exhaust fans regularly, especially in humid areas of your home, will move moisture around without it settling in one specific area. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens typically have exhaust fans installed to daily alleviate excess moisture. Installing a whole-home dehumidifier to work with your air conditioner will decrease moisture levels and keep them at an ideal setting regardless of the temperature outside or inside.

Prepare now for the upcoming heat and humidity by scheduling your air conditioning service with the trusted technicians at Gainesville Mechanical. We will deliver prompt service and ensure your cooling system is primed for the summer weather before the rush hits. Contact Gainesville Mechanical to schedule service on your air conditioner and speak to our knowledgeable sales team about investing in your family’s health with a whole-home dehumidifier.

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