New Heat Pumps: High Performance and High Efficiency!

woman-1245840_640As 2016 winds down a vast majority of consumers begin to turn their attention to fall and winter preparation. Clothing stores have begun to display sweaters, vests, and other warm apparel. Meanwhile, companies like Starbucks report astronomical growth in the sales of hot beverages. Clearly staying warm is a common theme for the colder months.

There is perhaps no better investment that can be made into keeping you and your family warm then installing a new first-rate heat pump into your home. Is your heat pump on its last leg or just not keeping up? Perhaps it’s time to start considering a much-needed upgrade.

Why Now?

If your system is old or close to giving out, it would be wise to make this investment while the weather is still mild. By waiting until the unit gives out on the coldest weekend in December, your situation becomes desperate and stressful. Can you imagine what that would be like? It’s 35° outside and you are all miserably frozen inside. It has happened to my family and I before and I speak from experience when I say that it is a situation that can drive you and your family up a wall!

If you have no reason to suspect any issues with your current system, it is still good to consider making this purchase while rebates are being offered by your electricity provider. Jackson EMC, for example, is currently offering a $400 rebate on installing a 15 SEER or higher system. Those rebates do not always exist and may even altogether disappear during the winter. Cash back is a great reason to consider now.

Finally, by purchasing your energy efficient system now you will begin to knock money off of your electricity bill immediately. Technology is always moving forward and heat pump manufacturers have applied these advances to make for smarter heat pumps that work to support higher occupant comfort and lower energy consumption simultaneously.

What Kind Should I Consider?

heatpump_evol_288bnv-lgFor both ultimate energy consumption savings and optimal comfort, we particularly recommend the Bryant Evolution Variable-Speed Heat Pump. Why? Here’s just a few highlights from the Bryant Evolution Heat Pump:

  • Variable Speed operation allows your unit to work between 5 different stages – using only as much energy as it needs to. A tremendous money saving feature.
  • Exceptionally quiet. This unit is so quiet that you may not even notice any sound while standing directly next to it, especially when the unit is using a lower stage.
  • This quiet unit also starts softly. If you’ve ever been awoken by the starting of the fan and compressor this feature is for you!
  • Senses operating conditions, which allows the unit to not only save you money but maximize comfort performance simultaneously.
  • Up 18 SEER efficiency – major energy savings.
  • Up to 11 HSPF efficiency – that makes this unit among the top most efficient heat pumps in the world.
  • Phenomenal Dehumidification. Due to the variable speed motor, the Heat Pump provides exceptional comfort during the cooling season at a consistently ideal humidity level.
  • 10 Year part warranties provide serious peace of mind.

Bryant Evolution Variable Speed Heat Pump Is Unmatched

Bryant knows that consumers want comfort and convenience. What they accomplished with this Evolution system is the ability to have both with no sacrifices in either direction.

This Variable Speed System is adaptive and works along with the air handler and thermostat to make sure you get all the heat you need. The combination of a variable speed motor and the usage of the newer R410A refrigerant allows for the unit to produce much higher discharge temperatures when needed.

The higher discharge temperature translate into a unit that can effectively heat your home without using heat strips, even when it is as cold as 0° outside! That’s because typical heat pumps produce temperatures at the vent of about 80-85°. This system can carry air to the vents in excess of 100°!

Additionally if the heat strips are required to bring the temperature up rapidly, Bryant has made use of staged heat strips. This allows for as little as 3KW’s to be turned on at a time, versus turning on a standard 15KW strip at one time – consuming far more energy.

The Evolution systems superior advantage takes into account more than just temperature too! For example, with the expert dehumidification this unit provides during the summer and the addition of a steam humidifier in the winter, your humidity and temperature level will be sustainable 365 days out of the year. Your air quality will no longer fluctuate with the weather outside.

Why Gainesville Mechanical?

Asking yourself what company you will use to install your equipment is very important. After all, the people who install your equipment are just as important of a decision as what equipment you put in your home. This article here ( provides a detailed explanation as to why Gainesville Mechanical.

To provide a quick summary, however, Gainesville Mechanical should be your installer because we:

  • Are Licensed and Insured. We stand behind our work
  • Operate 24/7. Call us anytime and we’ll get a technician out to look at your system
  • Invest in Training. All technicians are required to participate in continuing education courses that ensure they stay on top of their game
  • Offer Labor Warranties. Peace of mind that continues beyond your install
  • Are Loved by Your Neighbors! Take a look at our reviews. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback related to our excelling installs
  • Do Whatever It Takes!


Our comfort consultants want you and your family to have a comfortable winter. Give us a call to discuss upgrading your heat pump today. Call us at 770-532-9130 and ask to speak with a residential sales representative!


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