Preventing Burst Pipes


This time of the year is synonymous with holidays, an abundance of food, and gift giving. With all of the winter activities, it can become all too easy to overlook taking care of your home.

While some of those tasks can be revisited when things are calmer, sudden emergencies demand immediate attention. Perhaps one of the most untimely winter emergencies is a water pipe bursting. A lot of the work to prevent water pipes from bursting goes back to the initial install. During this time things like the quality of the piping and the depth of the pipes into the ground should be considered.

Thankfully, there are a few quick things you can do to limit the chances of a water pipe bursting without rearranging all of your lines. Here are three tips for you to consider:

  • Do not turn your central heating system off, especially if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time. It may seem like a sure way to save cash, but in reality it could prove to be an extremely costly mistake, allowing your water pipes to be further subjected to freezing temperatures.
  • Repair any dripping taps or existing leaks. Often these very same areas are the ones most prone to burst when a cold-spell comes.
  • If you’re going on vacationsuitcase-468445_640 shut your water off at the meter and also drain the water out of your system by opening a pipe or faucet on the lowest level of your home until all of the water has emptied from the lines. Our plumbers recommend keeping this pipe open while you are gone to prevent an air build up as well. Once again, do not turn the heating system off!

In Case of a Leak

Unfortunately, pipes do burst on occasion. While some may be very visible, others may hide beneath the ground. Here are some warning signs to detecting more subtle leaks:

  • Check for damp spots on the wall, in your lawn, and on your ceilings.
  • Be conscious of unusual sounds or even electrical devices failing to work correctly (like a ceiling fan).
  • Higher than usual water bills are also a symptom of busted pipes. You should contact your water company to get more details about unusual increases in water consumption.
  • If you have spotted a damp area or have heard an unusual sound, shut the water off to your home from the meter. Next check if the noise persists or if the damp spot is indeed the cause of a busted pipe.

Next Steps

Leaks are no laughing matter. Depending on your home insurance policy, you may not be covered for water damages. Therefore it is essential for homeowners to get service as soon as possible.

We offer peace of mind by providing customers service 24/7 at no overtime rate, even during the holidays. If you experience an emergency or need to schedule to have a leak check done, please give us a call at any time: 770-532-9130 or by visiting our website,

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