Reasons Why Your Ac Is Making Gurgling Noise

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There are some excellent AC repair companies in Gainesville, GA, but how do you know when you need to call? In most instances, your AC will let you know when something is going wrong. Frequently, the telltale sign is some sort of noise. A gurgling sound generally indicates something to do with liquid, but it isn’t always water.

Pay careful attention to the sound and where and when it originates. This is useful information that you can convey to your technician. Although your air conditioner may be able to run reasonably well even when producing gurgling sounds, it could become a more serious problem or eventually contribute to other complications with your system. It’s a good idea to call a technician as soon as possible and resolve the issue.

Refrigerant Lines

As you know, your air conditioner requires refrigerant in order to operate properly. Your system’s refrigerant is responsible for causing cooling, which makes it essential for operation. However, it’s necessary for the refrigerant to flow. A gurgling or watery sound could indicate a problem with your refrigerant lines. These lines allow the refrigerant to circulate through the system. If the circulation isn’t adequate, it could produce less cooling, or it might result in your system working much harder in order to reduce the temperature to your chosen setting.

Although your system may continue running even with the gurgling sound, it could be struggling to keep up. Over a period of time, this might become more serious or aggravate other components. If there’s a refrigerant leak, you’ll need the leak to be fixed, and additional refrigerant added. While this may not constitute an emergency, it’s something you should take seriously. Have a technician test and inspect your system as soon as possible.

Clogged Drain

Whenever you’re dealing with fluid systems, a clog is possible. If your air handler drains via gravity, the gurgling sound could simply be a clogged drain. A clogged drainpipe is a relatively quick and easy fix. The clog can be removed with a drain cleaner or auger. A technician should be able to verify the clog and correct it within a few minutes. Debris and contaminants enter air conditioners and sometimes create clogs. Although it’s a bit aggravating, it shouldn’t cause serious harm.

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Condensate Pump

If your aid handler doesn’t drain via gravity, it instead relies on a condensate pump. The evaporator coils within your air handler create condensation as the air cools around them. This moisture accumulates. The condensate pump ensures that this fluid doesn’t accumulate. The pump removes the fluid, which usually collects in a pan somewhere below these components.

When it’s working as designed, the condensate pump doesn’t make any noise. If it isn’t operating as intended, you may hear a gurgling sound. This could indicate the pump isn’t moving the moisture as easily as it should. Sometimes this is because the condensate pump has simply gotten old and doesn’t work as well it used to. The condensate pump may need to be repaired or replaced.

As you can see, there are a few possibilities when it comes to your air conditioner that can produce a gurgling sound. Any of the AC repair companies in Gainesville, GA, would be happy to help. Contact Gainesville Mechanical at 770-532-9130 to schedule an appointment.


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