Reasons Your AC Isn’t Cooling Properly

Broken AC

You may have experienced the brief panic that occurs when, during the heat of the summer, you notice that the air coming from your AC isn’t cool. Your first instinct is to call a service providing 24-hour air conditioning repair to bring you relief as soon as possible. After all, we become so accustomed to the reliability of our air-conditioning unit that, when they begin to experience problems, it can be enough to cause immediate concern. However, just because your air-conditioning isn’t blowing cold air doesn’t mean that major repairs are in store, as there are many reasons that the air coming from your AC vents isn’t as cold as you want it to be.

If you notice that your air-conditioning system isn’t blowing cool air, it’s a good idea to contact a company that provides air conditioning repair in Gainesville, GA, so that professionals can diagnose the problem and propose a speedy resolution. In the meantime, there are a few things you can check that could cause your lack of cold air. Read on to learn more about some of the reasons that your air conditioner may cease to keep you cool.

Thermostat Is Improperly Set

This is a good thing to check even before calling an air-conditioning service. Your thermostat is the nerve center of your HVAC system. When it’s malfunctioning or set incorrectly, it can cause warm air to come from the vents unexpectedly. Check your thermostat to make sure the fan isn’t set to “on” instead of “auto.” If it’s set to “on,” it will pull warm air into the system even when the AC itself is turned off. If your thermostat is smart or programmable, make sure that there’s not some background setting that is affecting the temperature. Sometimes smart thermostats can have a mind of their own.

Thermostat Malfunction

Even when your thermostat is properly calibrated and the settings are correct, it can be a cause of problems for your AC system. If the thermostat malfunctions when the fan is running, it may not turn off when the AC unit is off. It could even cause your heater to run concurrently with you AC, which will prevent cooling from occurring. Make sure your thermostat is properly functioning. A thermostat can be replaced easily without great expense.

Electrical Problems

Air-conditioning systems are powered by electricity, which means they are included in wiring circuits and protected by breakers. Because the electrical demands of large appliances like AC units can be substantial, several breakers may be required to safely power a unit. Therefore, your AC may still blow air even if the breaker that protects your compressor has tripped. That can result in warm air blowing from the vents. Check your breaker box to make sure none of your AC breakers are flipped.

Breaker box

Air Filter Is Clogged

The air filter in your AC system is there for an important reason. It catches dirt and dust that can shorten the lifespan of your unit. It can become fouled over time, which reduces air flow in your AC and can cause your condenser to freeze up. When the condenser freezes, your air conditioner can’t cool air, so it’s important to keep the filter clean.

Check the Condenser

The condenser is where the refrigerant in your system is returned to its liquid state, which allows it to continue the cooling cycle. The refrigerant is a liquid under pressure that is extremely cold, which allows it to cool air that passes over the evaporator coil in your AC cabinet indoors. Once that liquid warms due to the heat from inside your home, it must be recondensed and recompressed into a liquid form before it can provide additional cooling. If the condenser in your outside unit is dirty, corroded, or rusted, it could impact the ability of your system to cool. Even if the airflow around it is restricted by debris or plant growth, it can lead your condenser to freeze and prevent cooling.

Improper AC Unit

Sometimes, when an AC unit is too small for the square footage it serves, it can’t keep up with the demands of hot summer days. In those circumstances, the air coming from your vents may never get truly cold because the capacity of your AC system may not be appropriate for your square footage. It’s important to let professionals guide your decisions when picking the right air conditioner for your home to prevent this situation.

If you’re experiencing warm air from your AC vents, don’t panic. While there could be substantial problems behind the failure to cool, there’s a good chance that the cause could be minor and easy to remediate. For more information on reasons that you AC may not be blowing cold air, contact Gainesville Mechanical.


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