Reviving Up for the Season of Air Conditioning

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Summers are difficult. You’ll go through long, hot, humid days, and sometimes it takes all your effort to get away from the oppressive sun. And, the problem only gets worse if your AC breaks down suddenly.

While you can always contact contractors who provide an air conditioning service in Gainesville, GA, it’s much better to ensure that the cool and comfortable days inside your home aren’t disrupted at all. Here are a few things you can do to prevent this:

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is essential to every air conditioning system. You can key in the temperature you want at a specific time, and the device will take care of it. If you’re gone for most of the day, you can use it to set a schedule. That way, you’ll have a cool, comfortable house waiting for you the moment you return from work.

The thermostat will also save you money on your energy bills. Your unit will gradually ease your home from an extremely high temperature to a much cooler one in the span of a few hours instead of just one. This is easier on the machine and uses up less electricity.

Have the Machine Cleaned

Having your machine cleaned is another thing you should get done before summer starts, especially if you live in an area that regularly experiences high temperatures like Northern Georgia. It makes the unit more efficient and reduces the chances of breakdowns.

Contractors get the job done by cleaning the condensate lines, coils, and fins. You can also ask them to replace the filters and make sure there’s no trapped dust or debris.

Remove Debris Around the Unit

The exterior needs to be kept clean and free from debris as well. Plants, grass, leaves, and stones may gather around your machine and enter it. This will reduce your AC’s performance and even damage some parts.

To prevent this, check on it every 4 weeks. Clear away any debris gathering around your unit immediately and ensure the exterior is kept undamaged. That way, your machine won’t suddenly underperform or fail.

Check for Leaks

You don’t want a leaking unit in the middle of summer. It’ll make the machine work harder than it has to, and there’s a risk of it breaking down. Check for problems early on and hire contractors who perform air conditioning repair services to fix them for you.

Checking for leaks isn’t difficult; there are many clear signs. Is your unit not blowing out cool air the way it used to? Are there hissing noises coming from the machine? Are your electricity bills unusually high? On their own, they may not be a big issue, but all together, they’re a problem.

You should also look at the coils. They freeze over if there isn’t enough refrigerant circulating through the pipes. This can lead to a total system breakdown requiring emergency air conditioning repair.

Measure the Refrigeration Pressure

Every air conditioning unit has refrigerant flowing through its pipes. This is the liquid responsible for cooling your rooms and ensuring your home is comfortable. But, if its levels fluctuate, due to a leak or other reasons, you may experience problems. To prevent this, have the pressure in the coils and lines checked often.

A technician will place gauges on your machine to see if the pressure is at the correct level, as set by the manufacturer. If it isn’t, they’ll look for what’s causing the issue and fix it.

The summer heat is hard to escape, but a functioning AC can keep it at bay. As long as you follow this advice, you shouldn’t have any problems. Visit Gainesville Mechanical to get in touch with people who provide air conditioning repair service in Gainesville, GA. They can give you additional tips and tricks to make your machine work better.

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