Did You Forget About Your Heat Pump?

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You’re Busy, We Know…

Labor Day is over, which signals the end of summer; however, there are still plenty of hot days in store for those living and working in Gainesville. Activities during the summer can keep you busy and make you forget to schedule an heat pump tune-up. Luckily, Gainesville Mechanical is standing by and ready to assist you with maintaining and repairing your heat pump any time of year!

We offer services including regular maintenance, tune-ups and installation of an upgrade when it’s necessary. By seeking help from an HVAC professional, you will save yourself money and headaches at the tail end of summer.

Our NATE-certified technicians will inspect your heat pump, repair or replace any damaged components and inform you if your cooling system is on its last leg. We offer quality products at affordable prices and financing options for those who need it.

Prevention Is Key to a Healthy Heat Pump

Like with any valuable piece of equipment, your heat pump needs regular maintenance to perform efficiently for a long time. If not cared for, it will experience debris build up and work harder to keep your home cool. By working harder, your unit will suffer from unnecessary wear and tear on the inner components, resulting in frequent breakdowns. Tuning your heat pump toward the end of summer will keep your system clean, preventing dirt, dust or other debris from accumulating inside it or in your ductwork.

Our heating and cooling experts will not only clean your heat pump, we will inspect and diagnose any potential problems. When issues are addressed early, you reduce the risk of expensive and unexpected repairs in the future. A heat pump tune-up will keep your heat pump healthy and ensure smooth performance regardless of the temperature outside. You will notice lower energy bills and healthier indoor air quality in your home when your cooling system is regularly maintained.

Know the Warning Signs

If you are worried you put your heat pump maintenance off too long; there are some warning signs to help you determine if an upgrade is necessary. If you notice any of the issues below, call Gainesville Mechanical to schedule an estimate for an upgrade before your heat pump fails. The most common warning signs are:

  • Age of your heat pump: heat pumps are designed to last between 15 to 20 years depending on regular maintenance and tune-ups. As your unit ages, it experiences more performance issues and its efficiency decreases. If your heat pump is close to 15 years and experiencing more breakdowns and failures throughout the summer, it might be time to consider upgrading.
  • Increased energy bills: An efficient heat pump will keep your energy bills low, especially when the heat rises outside. If you notice your bill is rising, it might mean increased energy consumption. New energy efficient heat pumps are designed to perform using less energy while still keeping your home cool.
  • Frequent and loud noises: It’s normal for heat pumps to make gentle humming noises when it’s operating. However, if your unit is making rattling, banging, grinding, clunking, clicking or screeching sounds when it turns on, runs or shuts off, something is wrong! Some noises indicate the problem can be fixed with a regular HVAC repair call while others signal imminent failure and the need for a replacement.

Typically, any problems at the end of summer with heat pumps can be resolved by scheduling service with our NATE-certified technicians. We will ensure your unit is operating smoothly at the close of summer and offer you options when an upgrade is necessary. Call Gainesville Mechanical today and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your heat pump is properly cared for.

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