With custom sheet metal fabrications, Gainesville Mechanical Inc completes your entire project from start to finish, providing superior service and high quality products.  We make sure our customers meet their deadlines and achieve their goals for long-term reliability, efficiency, and performance.  As the leading North Georgia heating and air specialists, our fabrication shop and installation teams work in tandem to ensure the correct material is on-site and prefabricated when possible, for more productive project completion.

Fabrication | Gainesville Mechanical

Your source for accurate sheet metal fabrication!

With the largest non-union sheet metal fabrication shop at our disposal, custom ductwork and fittings are measured, manufactured and ready for installation in a single day.  Because we aren’t satisfied with anything less than the best for our customers, our facility is the most technologically sophisticated in the state.  No challenge is too big, complex, or unique.  We are capable of handling virtually any sheet metal project.

We put our expertise and extensive fabrication shop to work for you, providing:

  • forming
  • bending
  • punch pressing
  • computer controlled laser cutting
  • welding
  • assembly

Fabricated metal includes:

  • galvanized
  • aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • black iron

Thickness ranges from .010 inches to .250 inches.

Our sheet metal shop features:

  • coil line capable of running standard and nonstandard gauges of metal
  • Plasma Tables, capable of burning 12 ft. x 5 ft. sheets, and programmable from the shop floor
  • state-of-the-art Water Jet Insulation cutter, which is one of few in the nation
  • power shears
  • punch presses
  • power rollers
  • tubing benders
  • hand rollers
  • foot shears
  • manual punches
  • flaring machines
  • press brake

With our 10,000 square foot, technologically advanced facility, we fabricate all of our own ductwork.   What does this 1.5 million dollar facility mean to you?  Your project is not subject to the timetable of outside parties.  There’s never any question about quality of materials or workmanship.   We are capable of fabricating any size and shape ductwork, including b2b duct fabricating. We custom design ductwork to precision specifications and adhere to an efficient schedule, completing all projects on time and within budget.

Enjoy the benefits of custom sheet metal fabrication from the dedicated Gainesville Mechanical Inc team!

Don’t underestimate the importance of your home’s ductwork.  The efficiency, longevity, and capacity of your HVAC system depends on the design of your duct system.  Every bend must promote maximum airflow.  Any flaw or improper fitting causes energy waste, increased wear and tear on components, noisy operation, and shortened service life.  At Gainesville Mechanical Inc, we prefer to handle such an important task in-house.  That way, we know everything from start-to-finish is done right.